Novella in the Works ~ Afraid To Fall...Captivated By You

Captivated By You

My heart leaps with a pain from within somewhere unknown to me. The sudden realization of what I feel for you is paralyzing me. Breathless with fear, my hands find it's way to my chest, trying so hard to grip at this mysterious emotion. It struggles to no avail.

The thought of you invokes a surge of longing and need that up until now... I have never felt before for another. How did you find your way into my dreams? The struggle to push you out only intensifies the desire I fight to keep you close. Nothing shy of a wretched battle that collides with fierce force when in your presence. Dream or no dream you are here.

Your eyes wash over me and cascade down my body as if I were a feast for your hunger. Desperately I want to turn form you, from the gaze that burns through my clothing. It seeps into the deepest darkest desires of lustful passion I carry for you. Teasing me. Calling to me. Beckoning for me to draw near.

Do you see it? Can you sense it? Whispers of it float through the night air in the breeze to find you. Your name lingers upon my lips. The taste of you is desired within me. I sense your essence around me causing a stir of nervous excitement.

The ever so slight touch of your finger tip down the back of my arm is too much in the moment. A sudden fire from below rushes through my veins feeding my yearning for you. A toxic addiction I will not deny myself. Deep hushed undertones of your voice wrap around me, mesmerizing my ever sense to you.

I am afraid to fall. For it is you and you a lone I fall for. Every moment I breathe, I gasp to take you in deeper. An eager wanton to love you summons my fear to the surface. Love me.

Only for you I am. Only for you I will be. Only for you I love.

~ Cary Davis

© copyright 2012

A Novella of secret letters between two lovers that must hide their love.

Coming Soon.

by Pages of Romance Publishing

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