Erotic Short Story ~ Seductive Deception

Seductive Deception

Lies and Love Buried within Fiery Erotic Passion


~ Chapter 1 ~


“Let go of my wrist, Grant.” Dean stilled himself listening to the conflict just around the corner from him down the hallway.

“You did not possible think I would allow you to leave with the contents of my safe did you now, Kit?”

Dean heard her chuckle in a low sultry tone. He imagined she would be throwing her head back at the man.

“Grant, I think Miss Bethany has been feeding you far too much bubbly tonight. For you to think I might be so deceiving and naughty is, well, iniquitous.” Grant cleared his throat. Kit let out a slight playful giggle. “Perhaps we could continue this discussion somewhere more suitable. Your chambers possibly.

“I suppose we could also remain right here.” Grant said as he grabbed her shoulders. “Oh now don’t shy away Kit. It’s not very becoming of you and nothing like the strong woman you portray yourself to be.”

Dean was still listening and could hear everything. That poor bastard. He didn’t even see it coming. Although neither did I a year ago. He leaned forward. ”Pft, what a fool.” Pushing himself off the wall to make his way back towards the doorway and out into the ballroom. Dean paused as he heard her scream out. It was the type of scream that calls to a man any man around for help.

Kit struggled to keep her balance under his pressing weight. The man already had his trousers down and was ripping at her skirts. “No!” Kit felt a sudden gust of air fill the space around her where Grant had been standing. Gazing down the hallway she saw a tall man with dark long hair pulling Grant behind him.  

She glanced around for any signs of witnesses. Placing her hand to her chest she squeezed her eyes shut and tried to steady her breathing for a moment. After a couple of seconds she opened her eyes and there before her stood the man who had saved her.

“Are you alright?” He asked. His voice deep and soft. Kit could only manage to shake a confirmation yes. “Let’s get you out of here.” He took her arm gently and led the way down the corridor to the back of the estate.

“I have a carriage and will take you to where you need to go,” Dean said and then gazed down to her face. She was staring out across the maze of manicured bushes.

“I was staying on the east side on London square but I fear he may come for me there,” Kit said softly.

Dean remained still just observing her body language of what he could see in the dark. This is a bad idea. You’re asking for trouble with this one. “I will bring you back to my estate with me. I have plenty of extra rooms.” With locks and keys thank God.  “In the morning my driver will take you wherever you like.”

Kit’s gaze fell to the stone balcony. “I couldn’t possibly accept your offer, Sir. As kind as it is, I just-

Dean stepped in front of her and pulled her chin up to meet him. “Let’s just cut through all the bullshit here lady. I just saved you from a man whom believed you stole from him. You are not this shy, naive, nor innocent.” He released her chin from his fingertips and let out a sigh. “Now, shall we be on our way, Kit, if that is your name.”

Kit’s mouth dropped slightly. What just happened?  She closed her mouth and gazed up at him. “My nick name is Kit and I did steal from that man. He cheats at cards and I wanted to-

Dean took Kit’s hand and pulled her towards the stairs. “The details of why, how, and with who do not interest me, Kit. Getting home and getting out of this contraption called ballroom attire and into something less suffocating, is what interests me. That and a strong whiskey right now.  

She couldn’t help but smile at his forwardness. This is refreshing for once to be seen for what I am and not an object or some man’s fantasy of some kind.

Dean sat opposite of her in the carriage. It had begun to rain. There was something so arousing about the rocking of the carriage and the sound of the rain falling onto it. He watched her body sway with the motion of it. He could swear she was biting up her bottom lip knowing he was watching her. It was so hard to see with no moon light. You cannot make any advancements towards her she was just attacked. What is she doing? Bloody hell…

Kit freed the last pin holding her hair up in place. She shook her head letting her long blond thick locks fall down around her past her shoulders. If he wants to stare he now has a reason to. No man can resist a woman with wild flowing hair. She gazed up at him locking eyes the second she did. Why is he so calm? By now he should’ve said something or moved in some way.

Dean watched her reach up and slid her delicate hand around to the back of her neck and begins to rub it. She ever so slowly rolled her head letting out a soft moan as she did tilting her chin up.

 Is she serious? Oh do not give into the seduction. Just look away. Dean tried to but she had her head down and was now kneading her neck with both hands. She’s going to do it. She’s going to flip her hair up. Dear God does the woman have not an ounce of mercy?  Dean’s gaze was intense and fixed on only her exposed skin. His hands clenched his own clothing at his legs as her hands massaged her own creamy soft flesh, begging for him to join her. Christ Dean just stop. Turn your head away from her wicked teasing. He tore his glare from her and focused on the passing landscape that was barely visible in the night.

Kit tossed her head up with intensity displayed the most lustful gaze for him. She was stunned to see him looking out the window. Why is he not watching-

“So if Kit is your nick name what is your given Christian name?” Dean asked not moving his stare yet from the window.

Kit fumbled for an answer. The question given the situation completely threw her off. “Ah.” He turned to face her. She saw the calm demeanor she had in the hallway earlier that night.

She slowly smiled at him. “That I cannot reveal quite yet.”

Dean chuckled. “Oh no?” he placed his index finger to his lips. She is amusing and sexy.

“No,” Kit said as she tilted her head to the side. Her gaze fell to her knee where her finger traced a small circle over her skirt. “If I were to give you a name it would only be a false anyway.” She looked up to meet his eyes. “My true identity is all I have. If I then allow you to also have it I would just be foolish then. I am a wanted woman, Sir.”


Kit blinked a few times. “I’m sorry?”

“My name is Dean. Lord Dean Falcon. That fact that you are a wanted woman makes no difference to me, Kit. I respect your privacy and will not ask again.”

The carriage pulled to a halt and Dean stepped out. He exchanged a few words with a man waiting outside. He opened the door and without looking at her stuck his hand inside for her to take. His tone was no different with the man as it had been with her. Deep controlled words came from him and she was fascinated by it.

The man talking with Dean held up a lantern and asked her to follow him. Kit got a glimpse of Dean in the dim glow. Light blue or possible green eyes gazed back at her. His black hair was wet and long, stopping at about his shoulders. Before looking away she watched his almost square jaw clench close. He is beautiful with his tanned unshaven skin. Solid broad shoulders as if he was a working man of labor.

Dean walked with the driver to the stables giving him instructions to not speak of the lady companion tonight. He took very good care of all his staff and in return they gave him their loyalty and trust.

 He sent the young man off to retire and finished up with the horses and carriage. He began adding hay to the stalls. Had I seen her in the light before the carriage ride I would not have been so much in control. The depth of her green eyes are hypnotizing. I can see why poor foolish Grant was so easily duped. The way she moans is…is. Dean stilled. Is like Kitty. Damn it! Dean threw down the rake and strode off towards the estate. The anger he felt soon gave way to pure madding fury.

Seductive Deception

Lies and Love Buried within Fiery Erotic Passion


~ Chapter 2 ~

Martin, the butler, heard the front doors crash open. He ran into the foyer. “Sir?”

“Where is she?”

“I have put her in the west wing one floor above you. I have just called for a bath for the lady, Sir.”

Dean glared at him and said, “Move her to the second floor next door to me. I need to keep a watchful eye on her tonight and she will be leaving by daybreak.”

Martin did as told and moved her to the new quarters. Explanation given was the ceiling add been leaking earlier and he was not told until now. Believable and understandable, so he had hoped.

Kit did not mind the transfer at all. The new room was enormous and cozy with a fireplace that could fit six grown men in it. A large poster canopy bed matching the room size was beautifully carved and set in the center of the room like a center piece. Deep crimson bedding trimmed in gold stood out against the dark wood tones of the bed.

She began to unpack a bag she had with her. Sad my entire life is nuzzled into this small old wore out travel bag.  Her finger ran over the deep crease at the side of it where the leather had long since worn away. Someday you and I will travel to grand exotic places…someday.

“Me lady your bath is ready for ya,” Beatrice her assigned maid said.

Kit smiled thoughtfully at her. “Thank you.” Turning for her bag Kit reached for where she had just left it.

“Looking for this me lady?”

Kit spun around. “Oh yes I was,” she turned again back to where it had been, “I must be losing my senses at this late hour.” She rubbed her hand across her forehead as she closed her eyes.

“No worries me lady. We have everything all set for you.”

“We?” Kit echoed as she opened her eyes gazing upon Beatrice and two taller women standing behind her.

“Yes, we,” Beatrice said. Stepping aside she continued, “This is Mary and this is Margret.”

Kit smiled as they curtsied and then returned the gesture. “I do not believe I will be so much as a hand full to require three woman to aid me.”

The woman giggled softly. Beatrice spoke up first. “Lord Falcon insisted we attend to your every need, me lady.”

“Yes it is true me lady. He was much stipulated on the matter,” Margret stated. She shook her head fondly. “What a kind man he is.”

Mary chuckled out, “Kind? I think you to mean eye-catching, Margret.”

“Oh,” Beatrice burst with a giggle.

“You two fowls are intolerable.” Margret looked to Kit who was doing her best to hide her smile and said, “Me lady, pay them no attention they are merely using myself as their own amusement.”

“Rather forgivable and amusing,” Kit replied.

Beatrice took Kit by the arm, “Now let’s see about getting you into this bath, me lady.” She turned Kit around and unfastened her dress. Mary helped Beatrice with Kit’s attire.

She pulled a leg up and tested the waters temp with her toe.

“My gracious child. How are you not a Duke’s wife?” Margret asked.

“Or a King’s mistress?” Mary added. “Oh to be young again.”

Kit sunk slowly into the steamy bath then gazed back over her shoulder, “And who said I haven’t been.” Laughter coming from the three ladies filled the room. Kit grasped the sponge and rubbed the back of her neck.

The ladies moved about the room gathering kit’s things for bed. “I do say me lady if I had the figure of a Goddess I would most certainly be a titled woman of some sorts and what not,” Mary said.

Lit laughed at that. “I was asked many times for my hand by various suitors.”

“And you turned them all down, me lady?” Beatrice asked. She gazed over to Margret who was behind Kit.

“Well yes,” Kit stated as if she had just then finally given it thought. After a moment she said, “All of them were in love with the idea of me and having me but none loved me,” she said. “Does that make sense?”

“Perfect sense,” Beatrice said. “I have had my share of dealings with-

“Oh mercy here we go,” Mary groaned as she nudged Margret in the arm.

Beatrice’s lips formed a line.

“Yes the sought-after maid of Hallington Lakes,” Margret said while throwing her arms up.

Mary swayed over to where Beatrice sat next to the tub. Holding her hands to her chest she said, “So desirable and beloved my simply fall upon her feet.” Beatrice swatted at her playfully.

Kit watched the two ladies quirky humor and loved every second of it.

“Come come now Mary,” Margret but in, “Mr. Nadler is quite fond of our older sister.” She patted Beatrice on the shoulder.

“Who is Mr. Nadler?” Kit asked, she had to.

“Oh you two hags shush it now,” Beatrice said.

Mr. Nadler is the local grocery boy who has an obsessive fancy for our Beatrice,” Mary said. “And by boy I mean half her years.”

Kit threw her head back and laughed. “That is simply wonderful. So delivers more than just the groceries I take it?”

Beatrice was now a crimson shade and biting her bottom lip. “We should not be discussing this with you, me lady.”

“You do not have a choice now Beatrice my interest is peaked.” Kit leaned over and patted her hand. “Do tell,” Kit whispered then smiled.

Beatrice gazed around. “Well I suppose Lord Falcon will not hear of it.” She looked to Kit,” This room is virtually sound proof.” She began the long story of how her love affair with the young Mr. Nadler started. Her two younger twin sisters helped here and there at Beatrice’s disfavor.

As Kit stood up from the bath a knock sounded on the door. Mary attended the visitor as the other two toweled off Kit’s wet body.

Mary approached Kit smiling like a frivolous school girl. “I dare say me Lady Lord Falcon has extended an invitation for you to join him for a night cap in his study.” Beatrice and Margret squeezed one another’s arms.

Kit glanced down at the floor for a moment then back up to Mary. “Please tell him I respectfully decline.”

Mary clapped her hands together. ”Oh that’s excellent!” Mary turned towards the door then stopped. She put her finger to her lips and tapped for a few seconds then turned towards the ladies. “Did you say respectfully decline?” 

Kit nodded with confirmation.

“But me lady.” Mary protested.

Kit held up a hand and stopped her. “I am grateful for his aid in my situation but I will leave it at that.” She watched Mary make her way back to the door. Kit then turned towards the nightgown laying out upon the bed when she heard Mary let out a small shriek. The woman in front of her gasped and Beatrice covered her mouth. The commotion startled Kit and her towel slipped out of her hands gathering on the floor at her feet.

“You will not join me for a night cap?” Falcon asked. His voice rough and laced with dissatisfaction.

Kit squeezed her eyes closed and let out a soft aggravated sigh. Her yes fluttered open and the gazed at Beatrice and Margret who were standing in astonishment. Kit simply flashed a spurious smile and chivalrously whirled around to face Lord Falcon in her birthday suit, stark-naked and dripping wet.

Seductive Deception 

Lies and Love Buried within Fiery Erotic Passion 

~ Chapter 3 ~

Mary gasped loudly. Dean did not pay her any consideration or to the two woman barely upright and breathless with distress behind Kit. His gaze remand fixed on Kit’s eyes. He patiently waited for her reply.


She watched his glare on her. She waited for his eyes to divert to where any other man’s would wander but his didn’t. Kit placed her hand on her hip and said, “I do appreciate your generous offer but the hour is late and I would like to dress for the night and retire to my bed.” She turned around and put her arms out for the nightgown. “Good night Lord Falcon,” she added as her gown slid down over her bare bottom. She heard him bid her good night from the doorway around the corner.

Mary shut the door and then plopped into a chair not far from her.

“Well daring and courageous cannot hold a candle to you, me lady,” Margret said still breathless. “I have never seen such a sight.”

“I believe the lord was missing color in his face after a bit,” Mary said with a giggle.

“I’m positive he’ll be just fine ladies,” Kit said as she began to brush her hair out.

“I don’t know. He was walking a little peculiar when he left,” Beatrice said.

All four ladies ruptured in laughter falling about the room into one another. “Oh ladies I have no laughed this much in so very long. Thank you for your company tonight,” Kit said while still holding her side.

Dean had made it but fifty steps down the hall towards the stairs before realizing he was holding his breath still. He took in a few deep breaths but it hadn’t helped the odd heaviness that was weighing him down. Dean laid his forearm to the wall and let his head rest on it for a moment.

“Bloody hell,” he whispered. “You are such a fool for bringing her here. What were you thinking?” Dean let out a breathless small chuckle. “Luscious curves. Beautiful bare breasts. Perfect round bottom. And that smile…damn it!” Dean slammed his hand to the wall and the plaster cracked. He squeezed his eyes shut. “Damn her,” he whispered.

His head rocked slightly back and forth on his arm still to the wall. “I should’ve had the good sense to put her up in an Inn for the night.”

“That would have been smart Sir.”

“How the bloody hell did I not know it was her?” Dean said.

“Not sure Sir.”

I mean, I…I…I should’ve know from the way she laughed or the sultry deceiving tone she uses to manipulate and confuses men,” Dean said.

“Without question an over sight on your part Sir.”

Dean lifted his head and slowly turned it towards the voice to his right. “Do you mind?”

“Not at all, Sir” Martin said as he leaned in closer. “I had not realized this was a private conversation. You see, I was making my way up the stairs and could not help but agree with what you were saying.” Martin then straightens and smiled.

Dean gazed at his big smirk. He was every bit you might think a butler to look like but not in the least bit bred to be one. “Martin what are you doing up on this floor anyways?”

“To be honest Sir I felt a tad bit left out. Everyone else is up on this floor and I was getting lonesome.” His eyes glanced at the fresh crack in wall and his eyebrows narrowed at the sight of it and then relaxed as he shrugged. “Besides it’s a quarter past our poker hour.”

“I’m not up for it tonight,” Dean said as he rolled his head back into his arm away from Martin.”

Martin patted his back and said, “Understandable Sir.” Then walk down the hall towards the guest room and disappeared into it.

Dean’s mind began to race again at the memory of her naked. “How does a woman’s towel just fall off and she does not bend to retrieve it?” He stilled at the thought of her bent over. “Oh dear god, “he moaned.

“It all makes perfect sense now, Sir”

“Keep walking Martin,” Dean said without raising his head.

“Poker is off for tonight.”

“Don’t care, Martin.”

Martin descended down the stairs and shouted back, “You only say that because I won three months wages last game and you know I’ll win again.”

Kitty.That's not even her real name. She had almost told me once but than something  in her eyes changed and she looked away laying in my arms in silence. What is it about her that has me concerend and frustrated angry at the same time?

Dean lifted his head off his arm resting it on the wall. “She has to leave tomorrow at daybreak,” he mumbled. Each hand lay on either side of his head. “I have to be strong. I…I” Dean slammed his hand to the wall twice. “She cannot remain here.” He turned his body around leaning his back to the wall and stilled himself for a moment. “What if this Grant fellow really does set out to find her? Shit!” Dean banged his fists on the plaster. Plaster bits fell to the floor around his boots.

“I can’t look her I the eyes and turn her away. I just can’t.” He gazed up to the ceiling. “Why, of all the woman in London, at all the homes across the giant city, at all of the parties this night, I find her at the only one I’ve attended in a year’s time? Why!”

He closed his eyes and whispered, “I can’t allow her to get hurt.” Kitty’s smile flashed in his mind and Dean’s eyes flew open. He pushed himself off the wall and walked towards the stairs. “Yep, I’ll have Martin do it.

Seductive Deception

Lies and Love Buried within Fiery Erotic Passion 


~ Chapter 4 ~


Kit tossed and turned in the bed within the silk crimson sheets. All the ruckus down
the hall was making her jumpy. She turned to her side facing the door. The candle she re lite after the ladies left for the night still burned strong next to her bedside.

Foolish girl after all these years hiding in dark places for the right moments to present themselves you are still scared of the quietness of night wrapped in shadows.

The flame danced about gently. “How could he not have looked at me? First in the carriage and then when my towel slipped.” Kit giggled softly “That poor man, he did lose a few shades of color.” Kit bit up her bottom lip. “But still, his gaze remained fixed on my eyes.”

The memory of his intense stare lingered within her. “Could it be that we are acquainted and I just do not recall him?” After a moment Kit rolled over on her back. “No but it is peculiar how his eye’s behold me and not my body, my eyes only.” She took in a deep breath. “Without verification things are never what they seem to be at first glimpse.”

And with that last thought on her mind she drifted off to sleep.

The following morning Dean arose and dressed. He had wrote Martin a note about the eviction of Kit, well a request if you will of her being kicked out, and slipped it under his door. Regardless of his firm decision he did not sleep well at all that night. Imagines of her possibly being hurt after him turning her out in the streets plagued him, along with her naked body and that damn sexy smile of hers.

Making his way downstairs there was an unusual cheerful buzz of activity coming from the breakfast room this morning. Dean entered to find most of his staff seated with Lady Kit. All of whom were engrossed in banter about the latest locally London gossip.
Dean cleared his throat and to his disappoint no one took note of him standing there. He felt his jaw clench as he walked over and took a plate and served himself up breakfast. As Dean turned back around his eyes locked with hers. There it was. That sweet sexy innocent smile that kept him from sleep the night before.
She is an entire table length away but she might as well be two steps away. I remember that smile staring up at me. Warm kissable smile. God I’m an idiot.
“A complete foolish idiot,” he muttered.
Martin turned and looked at him. “I’m an idiot or you are an idiot?
“No not you,” Dean said as his gaze still held hers.
Martin looked over to Kit. “She’s an idiot, Sir?
“No!” Dean snapped in a hush tone. “No one is.”
Martin leaned into Dean. “Well Sir you claimed someone is and I know it’s not me.”
“Martin,” Dean scolded him.
“Oh and I did receive your note this morning and I am happy to assist you in any way I can Sir.” Martin smiled at him and picked up a glass and spoon off the table. “Pardon me but I have an announcement to make regarding Lady Kit’s visit with us.”
The room simmered down and all eyes were on Martin and Dean at the head of the table. Dean turned from them and whispered in Martin’s ear, “About the note I wrote.”
“Oh believe me Sir it is no trouble,” he whispered back to Dean. “I was informed late last night-
“I can speak with her privately Martin,” Dean whispered.
“No need Sir I have everyone’s attention now.”
“Well get on with it already,” Margret shouted.
“I was notified that Lady Kit will be-
“Invited for an extended stay if she cares so much as to grace us with her company,” Dean said. He leaned down to Martin and said, “Say another word and I’m not paying up on that poker game.”
“Lips are sealed Sir,” Martin motioned as to lock them.
Dean gave him a fake chuckle, “Never tight enough with you Martin.” He watched for Kit’s response. He watched her rise to her feet.
“I am grateful for your kind and charitable offer but I must respectfully decline,” Kit than sat down.
Dean was still standing in the same spot he’d been in for ten minutes now. He was positive his eggs were cold. This could not have played out better but why do I feel like shit? Why the bloody hell is she refusing my offer? Warm bed to sleep in. Food on the table whenever she pleases. Safe from Grant. Now I’m pissed!
Kit did her best to cheer up the ladies that seemed to appear dismayed by her decision to leave. If Kit was honest with herself she would admit she was distraught with her snap replay to his offer. She allowed her gaze to travel down the table towards him and he was looking at her. For some reason I didn’t expect him to be looking at me. She smiled slightly at him and he had no reaction to it.
Perhaps I should thank him and give him a reason for me decision. Okay, he should’ve looked away be now and he’s not. Kit turned away with a nervous concern and bit up her bottom lip.
“Sir your coffee!” Beatrice shouted.
Kit’s attention was immediately drawn back to him. His breakfast was swimming in coffee. His white shirt was colored with it all down the front of him and yet Dean’s gaze was calm, poised, and fixed on her. Kit could not help but giggle slightly to herself and it showed in her big tickled smile.
The ladies began clearing the table and Dean poured another cup of coffee and began walking towards Kit. Her body stilled as he drew closer. This was an unfamiliar feeling. One she had only felt once before.
Dean pulled out the chair next to her and sat down. “Where do you plan on going Lady Kit?”
Kit picked up a spoon and gracefully stirred her tea. “I have a cousin south of here a few days travel.”
“You do.” Dean didn’t sound convinced. “Does Grant know of this cousin?”
Kit stopped stirring but didn’t dare gaze over to him. “He knows nothing of me. As much as I appreciate your well intentions I can assure you I am perfectly able to care for my own safety, Lord Fallon, thank you.”
Kit looked to him, “What?”
“My name is Dean,” he said in a slow soft voice.
Kit stared at his lips as he spoke. The tone of his voice did something to her. Something she didn’t care to entertain.
“Give me a minute Martin,” Dean said.
“I would truly love to Sir but I am incapable of that right now.” The concern in his voice got Dean’s attention. “The authorities are here and would like a word with you.”
Kit jumped up and Dean grabbed her arm. “Martin, give me ten minutes.”


Seductive Deception 

Lies and Love Buried within Fiery Erotic Passion

~ Chapter 5 ~

Kit stared at the now empty doorway in disbelief. The strength of Dean’s hand engulfing her own shook her to gaze at him. “Follow me,” was all he said to her.

This can’t be happening. I cannot be sent back. I’ll die first. Where is he taking me? Hiding me in the servant’s corridors will not work.


They came across frantic Margret standing outside Kit’s chambers wringing her hands together.
“Sir?” her voice quivered.
“Make Lady Kit’s belongings disappear. Where are the young maid’s chambers that you hired last week?”
“Francis is no longer employed with us but her chambers are on the fourth floor at the end of the hall on the right side, Sir.”
Without another word he rushed Kit up the stairs and down the hall. Dean turned the knob and pushed the door. His face made contact with nothing but solid wood. “Bloody hell!” Dean covered his mouth.
“Are you alright?” Kit asked.
“Stand back,” Dean ordered as he slammed the door with his shoulder.
Kit watched him repeatedly throw his body against the door. Margret peered around the corner and told Kit they were on the second floor and making their way up after checking every room.  With a loud thud finally it released and Dean stumbled into the room. “What are we doing in here Sir? I am running out of time,” Kit demanded.
He raffled through a chest and then a wardrobe closet. Dean tossed a maid’s uniform onto the bed. Kit stood watching him with confusion.
“What are you waiting for? Put the bloody thing on!”
This is madness! What is thinking?
Kit took a deep breath and began to remove her clothing. “I need you to aid me with the back.” She turned away from him and Dean began to unfasten her as fast as he could.
Seeing you naked and now touching you is not what I had planned. I cannot believe what I’ve gotten myself into for you and you don’t even remember me.
“What is taking so long?” Kit asked with nervous frustration. A rush of cold air smothered her all the way down to the back of her thighs.
“Nothing now,” Dean said as he ripped the clothing from her body. “My apologies. I’ll replace it.”
Kit gasped as her clothing slipped away from her body. With shaking hands Kit took the uniform from the bed and started to step into it. “Dean,” she whispered.
He stilled himself and heard it too. Kit held the uniform around her waist tightly and gazed at Dean over her shoulder. She was horrified to see him undressing. His coat fell to the floor. He stood up straight and locked gazes with Kit’s terrified expression. He took a hold of his shirt and tore it open sending buttons flying about the room. He unfastened his breaches and grabbed Kit pulling her into his arms.
There they stood. Flesh to flesh in the sunlight coming through the window. For a moment Kit was motionless. She gazed up into his brilliant bright green eyes. Her body spun around as he turned her. Dean was nearly completely naked and holding her as tight as lover’s do. His eyes never left hers. Reaching up he brushed away a curl that fell across her check touching her lips. “Just trust me,” he said softly.
“Dean?” she breathlessly said. He gazed at her with an intense loving compassionate look as he laid her gently to the bed. Her body was limp and trembling in his arms.
“Kiss me,” he whispered. “Now.”
Kit leaned upward wrapping her arms around him and softly kissed him. She felt one of his hands slide up into her hair. The other trailed down her outer thigh. Grasping her behind the knee he pulled her leg up and as he did he depend their kiss. She squeezed at his shoulders.
He lifted her further up onto the bed. His lips glided down her neck. Kit at that moment forgot where she was and why. Dean’s greedy mouth consumed her every thought.
A kiss has never felt so good before. A man’s touch is always rushed but not his. He is soft and slow and so penetrating.
Dean couldn’t help himself. The smell of her skin was driving him mad. His tongue slid across the top of her cleavage and all he heard was Kit gasp as he did. Her body arched up towards him and Dean pushed his body tightly between her legs.
Hold off and do not go any further with her. My god she is wet.
Dean caressed the top of her thigh with his fingertips. A faint moan escaped past Kit’s lips and Dean’s body stiffened. His mouth covered one of her breasts without thought and Kit whimpered out a womanly cry. His hand slid inward from her outer thigh.
“Yes,” Kit moaned. "" His name. Oh god this feels good. He feels good. What is he waiting for? I want to feel him in me. I need him to kiss me again. He's so beautiful and strong I could remain in his arms forever. "," she whispered in his ear. "I need you." Breathless words of pleading escaped from her as it never had before. What am I saying?

"Dean." He replied softly with a deep husky tone. His fingers reached down further and her moist silky skin begged him to push in. "Say it, Kit." he teased her wickedly.

Her eyes met his. They were glazed and wild with despite longing for him to move inside her. He watched her lips part open and she kissed him hard with a forceful desire. Kit moaned something through their kiss. Dean pulled back slightly. "What did you say?"
“Oh dear lord!”
Dean froze for a moment than turned towards the voice only because it was followed by a loud shirk of sorts.
Kit in that instant realized where she was. He had affected her every thought with one simple kiss. Reckless, silly, stupidity she had never allowed to happen before.
Margret shout from behind the officer, “Mary Wick you are a disgrace to this house!”
“Sir I would like a word with you if you could,” the senior officer said. He shut the door and waited in the hall.
Dean’s head fell into Kit’s shoulder. He was winded and still consumed with the passionate emotions from just seconds earlier. He lifted his head to see Kit laying beneath him with her eyes shut.
“Are you all right Lady Kit?”
Her eyes fluttered open. “Yes.”
He lifted his body from hers and held out his hand to her. She glanced up to him and he was again gazing at her eyes. She smiled a small thanks to his offer for aid.
“Margret is going to come in here and scold you. Prepare yourself. The officer has to believe you are just the hired help.”
“What are you going to say to him?”
Dean chuckled as he pulled his shirt on. “I’m going to go raise hell.” He turned her and buttoned her uniform for her. “No man like to be brought to that point and be interrupted for no good reason.”
Kit giggled quietly. “I can’t agree more, Sir.”
Dean leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “Dean.” He could tell she was smiling. If she had just said his name she would've felt the pleasure she so desperately wanted.

 “Can you produce a few tears before I open the door?” He asked.
Kit reached into her pocket and pulled out a small glass bottle. “A little perfume in my eyes should do the trick.
Before Dean could object she was dabbing the corners of her eyes with drops of it. “Oh bad idea,” she exclaimed as she rubbed her eyes.
Dean lifted her chin and wiped her with his shirt. “Well you have tears now.”
He walked over to the door and Kit ran up to him taking hold of his arm. “Thank you.”
He smiled at her and opened the door. Margret rushed past him and played the part of angry head maid. Dean faced the officer with a cross stare than asked him what he wanted.
“I’m sorry for the intrusion Lord Falon but we have received word that you left a party last night with a woman who is wanted for theft.”
“I gave a woman named Betty a ride to the west side of London I think it was. To be honest I’m not even sure that’s what her name was.”
The officer shook his head in understanding. “Can you give me a description of her?”
Dean ran his hand through his hair and let out a deep breath. “Ah not sure on the height but she had dark brown small eyes. Roundish face and dark blond hair color.” Dean leaned into the officer and said, “She was very happy with drink if you know what I mean and I let her thank me for the ride, then she hoped out and left.”
The officer smiled at him. “I see Sir.” He looked past Dean and into the room. Kit was sitting on the bed shaking and continually nodding her head yes. Margret was pacing in front of her and still shouting.
“Is there anything else I can help you with?”
The officer looked back to Dean. “No that will be all. Again my apologies Lord Falon for the misunderstanding.”
Dean patted him on the back as he walked forward. “Not as sorry as I am.” He chuckled a manly sound with a playful undertone. “Martin will see you out. Best of luck in your search and stay safe.”
The man turned and nodded. “Thank you very much Lord Falon. Good day to you.”
 Dean entered the room and walked over to the window. 
Do I apologize for what I had not planned to do and how this played out? After all it was for her benefit. I just wish I had been in control of myself. Dean just stared out at the grounds for a while. How the hell did I not hear them enter the room? God I could’ve easily bed her. She was never that relaxed before. It’s as if it were effortless and uncomplicated between us. Kit was infinitely guarded in the past with walls as high as the tallest towers in London. Unmoving in her regard to feeling vulnerable with passion. I...I don’t understand it.
“Is he gone, Sir?”
Dean shook his head yes. “I would like a moment alone with Lady Kit, Margret.”
“Well Sir you’ll have to chase her down she just left to her chambers not more than thirty minutes ago right after you entered the room.”
Dean looked about the room and she was gone. He stormed past Margret then stopped in the doorway. “Thank you for your great performance.”
“Oh it was my pleasure, Sir.” She than giggled.
Dean made his way down to the third floor and knocked on Kit’s door. There was no answer. Dean knocked again with more force this time. “Lady Kit.” He waited a few more seconds. Oh the hell with this. Dean slowly opened the door to an empty room.
He felt his pulse begin to quicken. “Lady Kit?” He searched every corner of the room, dressing room, and bathroom. He found himself fleeing towards the stairs shouting for Martin.
“Sir?” Martin stated from the bottom of the stairs.
“Where is she?” Dean asked.
“She asked for her belongings and left, Sir.”
Dean rush to the front door and threw it open. “Where did she go?”
“I asked and she said she wasn’t sure. Lady Kit did thank me for everything and expressed how kind the staff is.”
Dean stepped out onto the gray stone steps studding over the landscape. “I need my horse,” he mumbled.
“I’m going after her.” He said loudly as if telling himself to get moving.
“Where is he off to?” Beatrice asked.
“He is searching for her?” Martin answered with a smile.
“Searching for whom?” Mary asked
“Lady Kit,” Beatrice said. “I do hope he finds her.”
“Have you spoken to Margret yet?” Mary asked.
“No but I did hear something about Lord Falon had his shirt off,” Beatrice giggled out.
Martin laughed. “He had a lot more than just his shirt off when I opened the door.”
The two women gasped. “Mercy me Mary. We must find Margret at once. I believe it is time for our lunch break, Martin. I would like a nice cup of hot tea.”
Martin huffed as he watched Dean kick up a dust cloud charging his steed down the long drive toward the rode. “Yes, let’s all have some tea shall we.”

Seductive Deception

Lies and Love Buried within Fiery Erotic Passion


~ Chapter 6 ~

Kit was running. Not literally but metaphorically. Running from feelings, from attachment, and most of all from him. It was the code she vowed to herself. A safeguard if you will.

This whole thing is stupid. Ridiculous! I cannot be helped and I don’t need saving. Especially not from De-…Lord Fallon.

Kit stopped and glanced around. She had made it down the road from the estate. Fanning herself about the face she winced at the dry dirt road ahead. “What am I to do now?” Dropping her back at her feet she put her hand on her hip. “Gracious it’s hot.” Who am I kidding I’m a disastrous mess on all levels. A long sigh fled her. “No, I am not going to do this to myself.”

Kit took hold of her back and moved forward. “This was just fated to fail. Happy ever after…ha!” Kit bit up her bottom lip. “A thief and a charming devilishly breathe taking handsome nobleman. I was delusional to think I could have any kind of a normal happy life.” She moved her increasingly heavy bag to the other hand. Once upon a time belongs in fairy tales. Besides he is foolish to trust me. By me leaving I am simply saving him the misfortune of me doing what I do best. Seduce and deceive and leave.

Dean booted his stead to speed up. The over grown tree lined dirt road leading to his estate seemed to him to never stop. “She couldn’t have got much farther.” He said as he steered his stead to the right onto the main thoroughfare.

His stance on top of that mighty stallion could be seen as nothing other than powerful. A facade that demonstrated a commanding, undomesticated, masculine and all heroic intent. And Lady Kit was the basis for it, which infuriated him he was racing after her again except this time he would  catch the illusive Lady Kit.

There you are!

Kit heard the faint sound of hooves pouncing against the ground. Her gaze flew to the road before her. Where is that coming from?  Glancing over her shoulder she saw a man storming towards her like a wild boar. “Oh no.” Panic materialized instantly within her. She had nowhere to hide. He had already seen her.

Kit ran for the first tree beside the road. Throwing her bad in the thick brush she did the only thing any delicate civil minded woman would do, she climbed it. Upon reaching the top she glanced down. Hard huffing of her breath was hindering her hearing not to mention the out of control batter of her own heartbeat in her ears.

Trying to swallow she couched. Between the dust and dry mouth she had little to no saliva. Perhaps he has pasted. I could not be so lucky as to him not seeing me walking along the road…could I?

Kit rested her spinning head to the bark. Okay. Calm down. Clearly I may have over reacted.  After a few minutes Kit lifted her head up looking for an evidence of a horse of man on the road. Everything began to spin again.

“How long do you plan to stay up there?” She heard a man ask. Kit squealed a sort lady noise. She quickly squeezed her eyes shut.

“As long as it takes,” she replied.

“Takes to what,” he asked.

“For you to go away,” Kit answered with a slight quiver in her voice.

Dean heard it. “Kit, are you alright?”

Oh thank goodness it’s him. Opening her eyes she glanced forward. Everything seemed to begin to turn sideways. “Woo,” she blubbered and hugged the limb with a death grip she was wrapped on.

Dean walked out from the thick trunk underneath her where he was leaning. “What is wrong? I came to find you to convince you to return to the estate.” Dean waited for a response. Kit was silent and still breathing heavy.

He set his hands on his hips letting all his weight rest on his left leg. “Look Kit, I didn’t have to chase you down. I was concerned about you wandering alone out here.” Dean ran a hand through his hair then gazed out over the road to his left. “I…I don’t understand you.” He turned from her and began to mumble aloud. He threw his hands up and strode off toward the road.

No please don’t leave me here. She opened her eyes again. Go away spots.

“You know there was something that happened between us today. “Dean shouted as he marched back towards the tree with a finger pointed up at her.

“Lord Fallon please,” she whispered.

 “I don’t believe it was all just an act.” Dean’s hands again found his hips. “Why won’t you talk to me?”

“Yes,” she managed to yell out.

“Yes what?” Dean snapped. “Just come down. Come back with me to the estate and well just forget whatever I’ve said. Clearly I was mistaken.” Dean paused and glanced down at his feet. “And now I feel like the ass of a baboon,” he muttered.

“I can’t Lord F-Fallon.” The words shuttered out.

Dean shook his head as he huffed. “Are you telling me you are refusing a safe place to hide? You do realize you are a wanted woman and are most likely facing life in prison if not worse.” He gazed up at her. “You are foolish and this is bullshit!” Dean let out a yell of frustration which forced Kit to whimper. “You don’t even have the decency to look me in the eye.”

Kit moved her head and tried to look at him. “I’m sorry,” she said. Kit  pressed her eyes shut.

“Kit damn it!”

His roar startled her and Kit’s body shifted to the side. All Dean heard was a scream of terror before her body slipped from the limb.

Oh Christ! “Kit,” he called out.

Seductive Deception

Lies and Love Buried within Fiery Erotic Passion


~ Chapter 7 ~

Dean leaped forward and her body fell past him just out of reach from his fingertips. His body skidded to her side. “Kit, open your eyes. Are you alright?” Dean glided his hand behind her head. God she’s pail. Come on Kit wake up.

Kit felt his fingers brush away the hair from her face. She let out a moan.

“Hey, Kit, open your eyes,” Dean said softly. He watched her eyes flutter and gaze up to him. “Can you sit up?”

“I don’t think I should move,” Kit said. “I just fell out of a tree.”

Dean glanced up at the limb. “Ah, well you fell about seven feet Kit.”

“What?” she asked. Her surprised tone caused Dean to chuckle a little.

Kit looked upward over Dean’s shoulder. “Well I do not believe it is cause for a laugh, Lord Falon.” She pushed herself up. Dean reached out to help her. “I do not need your help thank you very much.”

“I tried to catch you,” Dean said as he rose to his feet. “Are you hurt?”

“Why would that amuse you as well?” Kit nipped back. Brushing the twigs and leaves off her dress she watched Dean walking in circles around her. “Stop that! What are you doing?”

Dean paused and gazed at her. “I’m making sure you are sound and in one piece.”

“Well just stop. Clearly I am fine.” Kit toddled past him with a slight limp. “It’s your fault I was up there in the first place,” she garbled.

Dean could not help himself. He burst forth in roaring laughter. “Lady you are something else.”

Kit located her bag and as she stood back up with it in hand she turned to him quickly. “You are unbelievably-

Dean grabbed her as she fell backward. “I got you, Kit.”

“I’m so dizzy. The spots are back,” she whispered to him.

Dean sat with Kit in his arms keeping the horse at a fast walk. He noticed she was not a normal color and she was moving in and out of consciousness. Upon arriving back at the estate Dean kicked the double wooden doors with his foot. Kit’s now completely limp body was securely nestled within his arms.

Martin opened the door ready to give whoever was kicking his door a good talking to. “Sir, what’s happened?”

“She fell out of a tree but I believe her to be in shock not hurt,” Dean said rushing by him. He carried her up to her chambers and laid her on the bed. Beatrice and Margret trailed after him.

“Cold wet cloths, something lite and airy for her to wear, and smelling salts Margret,” Beatrice ordered.

“Already doing it,” she replied in a sing song voice. A cork she has. It’s Margret’s way of always keeping herself calm.

“What can I do?” Dean asked as he stood on the side of the bed.

“Go and clean yourself up, Sir and get out of the way,” Beatrice nudged him to the side.

Making his way down stairs he overheard Margret and Mary whispering.

“Mary I tell ya I saw the look in his eye.”

“Do ya think? I mean he is so…and she is just-

Mary reached out and gripped her sister’s arm. “Oh lord be, Margret. There is no doubt she can and has.” Mary watched her sister point upward. She gave her a wink. “So I says to her to make sure the Lord has fresh flowers in his chambers daily.” She said overly loudly.

Dean rolled his eyes and chuckled to himself. Flowers really Mary?

Margret must have been apparently thinking the same thing because they started bickering in a loud whisper. They paused as Dean passed them. “Ladies,” he said then smiled. Before turning the corner to the blue room next to the front door he added, “I’m allergic to flowers, Mary.”

“I…I knew that Sir I meant to say never make sure you have them.” She gazed at Margret who pinched her arm. “Ouch!”

I managed to make it through the morning and part of the afternoon without running from the house pulling my hair out and screaming incoherent things. Now let’s see what the evening will hold?  He walked around the bar top and poured a small snip of scotch then walked it over to the large picture window. Oh bloody hell. I confronted her about earlier. God I’m an ass! Dean rested his arm on the window frame above his head. If I’m at all lucky she will not remember it. He shook his head. Pft…sure that lucky right?

Dean gazed out at the line of trees hugging the long drive away from his house leading to the main road.

Kit sat up and took the cup of tea from Beatrice’s hand. “Thank you very much.”

“Oh, no trouble dear.”

“Beatrice, I need you please,” Mary called from the hall.

“I will return shortly, Lady Kit,” she said as she patted Kit’s leg.

Lit stared down at the cup in her hand. Tiny pink roses decorated the cup just under the rim. His words from earlier repeated ruthlessly in her head. I was not prepared for him to launch an interrogation on me and I should have been. He did it without little reservation. Kit’s eyebrows pinched together at the thought. Nothing happened other than a kiss. He threw himself at me and…and seduced me. That rake!

Kit’s body shifted at the realization and her tea tipped over. Gazing down she moaned, “Oh no.” She hurled back the blanket and leaped to the floor. “Demanding and questioning me? I do not think so,” she fumed out. After dressing she flung open the door and marched towards the stairs.

“I would like a word with you, Lord Fallon.” Kit said with a controlled and firm tone. He was still located at the window. Tall muscular frame positioned in such a way that it caused her breath to catch. His longer than fashioned hair brushed back by what she assumed was his hands running through it. He turned his head in her direction but his stance remained. Luminous emerald eyes regarded her without a hint of concealment as to what was on his mind, so she thought. A lump formed in her throat.

“Okay,” was all he said.

“I…I,” she than coughed. An attempt to clear her throat was made as she shied away from him.

Dean walked past her to the bar. A lofty glass of water was poured for her. Without eye contact she picked it up and placed it to her lips. Dean made his way back over to the window.

Get a grip. He is just a man nothing more. It would’ve helped if he had changed his shirt from this morning.  It was torn and showing a chiseled torso that beckoned to be touched. She stole a glance at him from over the rim of her glass and he was starring right at her with piercing eyes. Alright, just put down the glass and say what you have to say to him than exit the room. Yes okay. What am I going to say. God I can’t remember. Uh!

With his gaze still on her she placed the glass to the bar top and wiped the corners of her mouth with her index finger and thumb. Sucked her lips in to dry them off and puckered them. Kit looked straight at him and realized after a moment she was starring as she licked her lips.

That’s a dangerous thing to do, Kitty. Men have pounced for far less than full red lips. He watched her lick her lips. Slow appealing licks I can only imagine would be more than enjoyment on my coc-

“I forgive you for causing me to fall out of the tree.” She held her head high as she said it.

Dean didn’t move. He also didn’t blink.

“Much thought was given by me on the matter. I believe that was not your true intention, although, I do hold the view you were attempting to distract me in some way from.” She suddenly stopped and had no clue where she was going with it.

“Yes,” his tone was smooth.

Kit began to walk to her left further into the room clenching her hands with her fingers interlocked. “Well, I suppose you were upset I left and didn’t personally thank you for your kindness and generosity for earlier.” She stopped and walked the other direction still without eye contact. “I am grateful for that part but I do not think that warranted for you to pursue me to than badger me and demand an acknowledgement.” Kit stopped and turned to pace back the other way.

Dean was in awe. Is she even listening to anything coming out of her mouth? He observed every little detail as to how her hips were swaying. The delicate hand movements. The way her head slightly tilted to her right side as she leisurely paced and rambled on.

“After all it is quit rude and somewhat startling to be stuck on a limb several several feet from the ground and have a man shouting and yelling at you. Any reasonable thinking person would only conclude that the person being ambushed would plunge to the earth. The fixations on what had happened was completely uncalled for in my opinion. You are clearly a rake and I simply played along out of self-preservation.” Kit turned again and walked towards the bar.

There is only one way to shut her up.

“I would hope you understood that. Clearly they needed to believe without doubt that a couple in a passionate embrace desired to touch one another was one the other side of the door. You took advantage of the situation I was in and threw yourself on me. I…I had no choice but to kiss you back. A lustful hungry kiss that ached to be.”

Kit paused and turned again running into the exposed chest of Lord Dean Fallon. “Oh!” she yelped. Her palms pressed to his warm skin. A hushed breath with the smallest of sound escaped her and she sucked it back in.

Seductive Deception

Lies and Love Buried within Fiery Erotic Passion  

~ Chapter 8 ~



Before Kit could utter another word her face was in his hands and she gazed at him as he ever so very slowly leaned into her lips. He enclosed  her lower lip with the softest of kisses. Kit fought not to fall into his kiss and close her eyes and then he gently moved to her upper lip. Kit’s eye lids lowered and she felt herself react.

Dean slid his hand down her back tenderly pulling her yet closer to him. Her arms wrapped around his neck pushing her beasts onto his bare chest. Something sparked in him. A hungry need to deepen their kiss overtook him. Her moist hot mouth welcomed him.

You cannot take her here. God she is so willing though. Dean felt skin against his skin down his breeches. Kit gripped him hard and Dean let out a grunt. With her other hand she pulled him towards the bar as she walked backwards. With the way she is stroking me this could be over in a few minutes.

Their bodies hit the bar top with a thud. “Sorry,” he said through their kiss.

Kit captured his hair with her hand. “Shut up,” she whispered.

Dean pulled down her dress from her shoulder covering her nipple as the material fell away with his mouth.

“Ah,” she cried out. I want his clothes off.   Kit began pulling at them and Dean shifted his body to press against her as he pulled her hand out of his breeches. He had to stop her he was on the verge of exploding in her hand. Grasping the material of her dress he freed her other breast. I could bite you, Dean thought. Consume every inch of you.

Kit clawed at his back upward to his shoulders.  I didn’t want it to happen this way. Hiding in a corner behind furniture is not something I’ve ever done. He is just so electrifying when he touches me. I want him. I crave so much to feel him inside me. I should stop this. Dean pushed her beast together and kissed her so wickedly. Cruel and unforgiving flicks of his tongue teased her bare flesh. No I can’t. I’m losing control. I must restrain my desire for him. I…I have to maneuver away from him to gain self-control. This has gone too far.

“Oh god,” she cried out as she pulled at his hair. Brutal desperate need was the only thing coming from Kit. Instinctive yearning for more of him had over taken her awareness of anything but him. The rule, she thought. Never get too close. Stay in charge of my emotions and thoughts. The sudden rush of cold air on her breasts as his mouth left her skin pulled her out of her thoughts.

Dean dropped to his knees and pulled up her skirts shoving them into Kit’s trembling hands. She has no garments on. Beautiful blond swirls awaited his touch.

“Lord Fallon wait-

Her words fell away with her every thought. Smooth sultry strokes grazed her inter most guarded place. She stood before him her legs barely spread and exposed for his eyes to see. The malicious wet thrusting of his tongue as he pushed her open further was nearly too much to endure. What is he doing to me? Oh Dean…oh Dean! Deeper. Please push deeper.

Dean’s pleasure full taunting of her flesh was heightened by the thought of being discovered at any moment. Kit didn’t care even if the door was ajar to the hall. She wanted to feel him. She desperately desired to let him do as he wished for it was something she never allowed to happen with any man. Control was always her first focus. Second was seducing men but Dean, Dean was different from any other man that came before him, all except one.

His hands pressed against her hips pushing her back further as he lifted one of her legs setting her foot on a shelf. I am going to tongue you so hard Kitty. You’ll cry my name over and over.

“Oh yes De...” Kit whimpered as his tongue slid inside her. He was showing her no mercy. Every push of his moist hot tongue reached within her deeper.

Dean took hold of her hand and placed it on her own flesh. With his fingers covering her’s he moved them around. He pulled back from Kit’s body slightly and gazed up at her glazed lustful eyes. “Touch yourself for me, Kit.”

He watched her stiff movements at first. That’s it rub your wet skin. Show me you want more.  Her eyes were closed and she was licking her lips repeatedly. Dean wrapped his mouth over her fingers as she caressed herself slowly. Kit let out a gasp as she felt him suck at her fingertips.

No what is he doing? This feels so good. Can this be right? Why is he pulling my hand down? Oh! Oh god!

Dean watched her finger press at her own opening. Push your finger in. Stretch out your tight opening for me. His cock was dripping. Never before had he asked a woman to do this. He tongued around Kit’s entrance until her finger glided inside. As it did he reached up fondling her most sensitive spot.

I’ve never felt so aroused. Naughty sinful things he wants from me. Why am I so willingly giving it to him?  She felt his tongue slide around her finger with every thrust it in and out. No I need to feel him inside me. Oh he’s pushing my finger in deeper. Oh yes! I can’t. I can’t. I can’t!

Cries of fulfilling delight came forth out of Kit. Overly loud moans against her flesh from Dean brought her to her climax. He grabbed Kit as her legs began to tremble holding her tight against the bar shelves.

As her body began to relax she took hold of his arms. “Please let me down,” she said breathlessly. Kit’s body slummed to her knees and Dean stood up taking a quick glance at the door.

His erection stared her right in the face. Kit glared at obvious droplets of his desire for her and she reached for him. Dean’s gaze darted down to her as Kit looked up to him. She yanked his trousers with eager wanton. Is she going to now? A passionate sensation fled through Dean as her lips covered him. Unfathomable manipulating came from Kit’s mouth unlike anything he has felt before. Mmm Kit. Yes suck down on me.

Her gaze remained on his face while her deep sucking drew him yet further. Slurping wet suction noises echoed off the walls as Kit forced him down her throat.

Dean glanced down at her with his cock in her mouth. He couldn’t help himself before he could stop he ran his fingers into her hair trying so hard to be gentle about it.

“Kit, that feels so god damn good.” Take me in further. He watched her with heavy lidded gaze. “All the way Kit. Go down all the way.”

She strained against gagging on him as she shoved him in completely. His cock pounded the back of her throat. I want to taste him. Feel him explode deep in my throat. Give him a pleasure he’ll never forget.  

Kit reached for his other hand and placed it on the back of her head. For the first time in her life she was giving up complete control and welcoming his.

Warm delicate hands touched him. She knows how to manipulate those too. Holly shit is this really happening? He was doing his best to hold off and make this moment last. Dean gripped her hair in his hands and moved her as he wanted.

He wasn’t going fast. To her surprise he was guiding her rather slowly. Kit felt his cock begin to throb and pulsate. She heard him cry out her name and then tasted his release.

Neither of them moved after she removed him from her mouth. Dean slid down the wall to the floor after pulling up his trousers. Both breathless and drained they sat in silence.

After a few minutes Kit looked to Dean. “I think it’s best if we remain distant from one another until I leave tomorrow, Lord Fallon.”

Dean’s head whipped instantly up to face her. “Excuse me?”



Seductive Deception 

Lies and Love Buried within Fiery Erotic Passion


~ Chapter 9 ~


I cannot believe what I am hearing. Is she serious?  Dean just stared at her. Finally after a few moments he said, “Are you mental?”
“I beg your pardon?” Kit blustered out.
“You are really something else.” Dean held her gaze. “Why?” He then paused. “No more to the question, what the hell!” his voice elevated.
“Lord Fal-
“God damn it! It’s Dean!” His fingers ran through his hair a few times. “Ugh.” He forcefully let out.
Kit’s hand flew to her chest. Her eyes darted from his boot to her shoe. Remain calm. Perhaps he is angered that I did not allow him to violate me further. God what am I saying? I nearly assaulted him pulling him back behind here.  Kit wanted nothing more than to run out of there down the road and never look back but she couldn’t, she was a wanted woman.
She’s crazy. Dean gazed over to her staring at the floor. “You’re crazy.” He watched her look to him with surprise. “What just happened between us was better than any sex I’ve ever had. And we didn’t even have sex!” Dean rose to his feet. “You can’t deny that. The things I did with you I’ve never even thought of doing with another woman.” Dean turned from her. “And you loved it. You were as much there with me as I was.”
Kit cleared her throat. “It was what it was. I didn’t mean for it to happen and I won’t allow it to happen again.” Kit said softly.
He stood with his back to her and his hands on his hips. Dean dropped his head as he heard her words. This is surreal. Is she even listening to herself? Bloody hell I want to punch something. He took a couple of deep breaths.
“Please understand. I’m sought after by most of the east coast law men. This is amiss. To think I could consciously bring about anymore scandal to your home, to your good name is wrong.” Kit paused and then stood. She walked past him towards the door. “I am a felon and there is a substantial value for anyone who can alert the authorities of my whereabouts. Trust me I’m not worth losing your title over.”
Dean remained in the blue room standing right where she had left him nearly an hour before.
“Sir?” Martin said from the doorway. Clearing his throat he repeated himself after a few seconds then added. “Supper will be served soon.”
“I’ve lost my appetite.” Dean replied still staring off at nothing really.
Martin waited a moment than entered further. “May I make a small tiny observation, Sir?”
“Can I stop you?” Dean mumbled back.
Martin ignored the retort and approached the bar top. He set his hands on the surface and said, “Is it possible she just doesn’t want to be helped? I mean really you know nothing about this woman other than she is in some kind of trouble.”
Martin’s left eyebrow rose. His lips formed a line and his chin rest in the nook between his thumb and index finger.
Dean looked to him. It was all Martin needed to make the connection. “Let me clarify. This is the same woman who seduced you a few years back? Tied you up to a bed in someone’s house you barely knew. Took all your belongings, including clothes, and left you blindfolded, naked, and stranded.”
“Yes,” Dean said slowly.
Martin walked around the bar as he pulled out a handkerchief from his pocket. He then proceed to pull out a lemon and started slicing it up.
“Why is she here, Sir?”
“I obviously didn’t know it was her, Martin.” Dean paused. “It was dark out and she-
“I see, Sir,” Martin replied. “Well, she is not the evil little devil I pictured her to be. I can see how that could’ve happened to you now.” Martin glanced to him with a wide smile. “Lady Kit really is quit delightful and-
“Alright,” Dean scolded with a bogus smile. Dropping his head into his hands Dean let out a sigh. “She’s changed, Martin and is in some big trouble. This time I have a feeling it was not her doing.”
“Why her? Of all the women who eagerly pine for your attention you pick the one woman who seems to not care to have yours, Sir?”
Dean lifted his head. “She does want me. I believe she is just scared is all. Kit has no clue it was me. She hasn’t made the connection yet. Besides that night two years ago I muddled everything up. I was a drunken ass who looked the past. ” He glanced over to Martin. “Honestly, if I was her I would’ve done the same thing.”
He poured some water over the handkerchief and squeezed the lemon onto it. “So what are you to do now? Eventually the authorities will return.”
“I don’t know, Martin.” Dean was handed the lemon soaked handkerchief. “What am I to do with this?”
Martin pointed to his own face and traced circles in the air around his mouth. “Please if the ladies get wind of the,” Martin cleared his throat, “I will never hear the end of it.” He could swear Dean started to blush which was a first.
Kit stood on her balcony still gazing off into the now setting sun. So beautiful. Glorious dusk and all your breathtaking hues. I wish you could carry with you all my worries as you fade away. Kit snickered. I suppose you would only bring them back with you when you rise tomorrow. Oh I am doomed to just grieve my own doings aren’t I?
Her mind unintentional floated around to what took place an hour before. Fingertips softly traced over her lips as she held his kiss reminiscing the reaction he invoked in her. Are movements were flowing and yet his kiss was fervent. Potent. So powerfully laced with raving passion. Could it be true what he had said? He never thought of doing the things we had done with another. Kit shook her head. No. Do not do this. False hope in stories will get me nowhere. She caught her breath and held it a second. Gazing up at the stars now twinkling in the almost dark night she whispered, “If only…”
“I think you are asking for trouble, Sir”
Dean saw the lines in Martin’s face deepen. “Do you have a better plan?”
“I do not.” Martin started to refold the wet handkerchief in front of him. “But that does not mean I agree with the one you have, Sir.”
Dean’s ran his hand threw his hair. “Well I think it may work.”
Martin’s head still pointed down he gazed up to Dean. “And if it doesn’t?”
“I…I” He tossed up his arms. “Guess I will be imprisoned.”
“And I will be escorting Lady Kit to a safe house in Scotland.”
Dean’s cheeks puffed out and he let out a slow long exhale. “Yes.” A pause and a glance were shared between them. “Nine O’clock.”


Seductive Deception

Lies and Love Buried within Fiery Erotic Passion


~ Chapter 10 ~


Mary knocked on Lady Kit’s door.
“Come in,” Kit called out. She entered through the French doors to see Mary’s round rosy cheeked smile. “Good evening Miss Mary.” She greeted her with a smile hiding her recent thoughts.
“Greetings Lady Kit.” She said walking towards her. “The ladies and myself were wondering if ya’d like to dine with us for supper seeing that Lord Fallon has left for the evening.”
“He has?” Kit tried not to sound curious.
“Yes he has. If ya would rather dine alone I will understand.”
Kit reached out for her hand. “Of course I would love to join you ladies and am grateful you thought enough of me to ask, Miss Mary.”
“Oh wonderful! The ladies will be trilled. It is not often we are able to dine with visitors here.” Mary tapped the side of her cheek with her fingertip. “Come to think of it we have never dined with a guest here. Lord Fallon has never brought someone to dine with home at all.” Mary let out a slight giggle.
“Never?” Kit replied.
“Well, not since he stopped indulging in his drink.” Mary winked at her as she turned to the door. “If ya know what I mean.”
Kit followed Mary towards the stairs. “Is he a private person?”
“He is now. Didn’t use to be, although he wasn’t much of anything other than a rake and drunkard.” Mary gazed to Kit as they reached the bottom step. “He lost his way after the death of his parents and little sister.” Mary placed her hand to her chest. “Lordy be she was the sweetest little thing ever. Quite smitten with Lord Fallon and he just as much with her.”
Kit saw the tears welling up in Mary’s gaze. “To me it sounds as if she had a loving happy life while she was here.”
“Oh mercy me she did. This house has not been the same since she passed.” Mary shook her head in a slow heartbreaking motion. “I never thought he’d recover from losing her.” She turned to Kit in the doorway of the dining room. “I was convinced he would never be happy again.”
“Who wouldn’t?” Beatrice asked as she placed the platter of ham of the table.
“Lord Fallon,” Mary answered.
“He was that is until-
“Beatrice,” Martin interrupted. The tone of his voice caught everyone’s attention.
She stood upright and straightened out her skirts. With rosy cheeks she gazed down to the table.
“Oh gracious Martin it’s not as if Lady Kit is a stranger among us,” Mary said. Her words were met with a scolding gaze. Mary’s eyebrows pinched together at his firm manner with her. It was not like him to be so secretive and defensive.
“Well this spread of food is enough to feed the king’s men,” Kit said as she took her seat.
Dean had no time to waste sending word ahead of him of his arrival. This plan has to work. There is no way he can refuse an offer such as this.
“Yes good evening.” The butler greeted him upon opening the door.
“Could you tell Earl Vincent it is of the most urgent of matter that I see him,” Dean’s voice was deep and direct.
The butler stepped aside. “Please wait here and I will notify the Earl of your request. Dean nodded with agreement.
Dean must have taken out his pocket watch twenty times in the last five minutes. What the bloody hell is taking him so long?  Dean paused mid pace in the center of the entry when he heard the latch of the door to the Earl’s study open.
The middle aged butler emerged with a servant’s professional set look. “The Earl will be but a moment. Do you care to wait in the waiting room?” His arm extended out to his right.
Dean gazed around the corner. A small room furnished in a flowered décor with white painted furniture awaited him. “I suppose if there is no other room for me to wait in. The butler’s nod of understanding only fueled Dean’s nerves. “Did the Earl say how much longer he would be?”
“No my lord he did not.” He then turned and left him to sit upon the frilly flowered furnishings.
Dean sat and starred at the wallpaper covering every inch of the room including the ceiling. A white background set off the overly bright bold mix of botanicals. After a few minutes Dean rubbed his face to reset is blurring vision. Christ I fear I may start releasing pollen in this room. He shot up off the sofa and gave his head a quick shake. Pulling out his pocket watch again he gazed at it and muttered, “Okay Vincent ten more minutes and then I’m going to you.” Dean began to stride the floor over to pass the time.
Martin hovered around the doorway speaking with a stable boy.  “What do you think is wrong with him this evening?” Margret whispered to Mary.
“I’m not quite certain but he is defiantly not himself,” Beatrice answered for her sister. “He scolded me for nearly telling Lady Kit about the woman who broke the Lord’s heart.” Mary glared at her as she finished. “What?” She looked to her with a narrowed gaze. “It is old news anyways is it not?” Beatrice added in her own defense.
“Old or new we were told not to speak of it,” Mary whispered back.
Kit looked to the doorway and watched Martin step out and walk down the hall with the stable boy. She softly cleared her throat. “It would appear to me that Lord Fallon has had an unforgiving few years. My heart ruptures for his trials and loss.”
The ladies gazed to her with such thankfulness and recognition for her kind words. She looked to each one then finally said, “I am quite fond of Lord Fallon. I desire so desperately to ask of this woman you speak of who caused him so much pain. Is there any hope of them being able to reconcile?”
The ladies glanced to one another with a mixture of gasps, giggles, and one dramatic exhale. Mary opened her mouth and Margret answered, “I would pray not!”
“No?” Kit asked.
Beatrice placed her hand to her chest. “I dear say if I could find this woman I would give her a piece of my mind.”
“Yes, a good talkin to is what she needs,” Margret added.
Mary sat silently and listened to her twin sisters carry on.
“Mary,” Kit said. She watched her pinch her plum lips together.
“I believe he may have done or said something to upset the woman.”
“Oh here we go,” Beatrice shouted as her hand slapped the table top. “I do not believe that Lord Fallon did or said anything to make that unsuitable woman embarrass him the way she did.”
“I may agree that it was uncalled for to leave him in that state but he was not the man he is now, Beatrice.”
Kit observed the now growing heated exchange she regretted creating. Their voices were intensifying to shrill of dispute. “Am I to understand he was left in an abrupt or discourteous way?”
“Well I would say so. The witch took his clothes and left him tied to a bed with not a stitch of anything to cover himself,” Margret said.
Kit gasped. Her hand quickly covered her mouth. The heat from her cheeks spread rather fast to her ears. A pounding beat from her pulse sounded in her head. This cannot be. How did I not know it was him? He told me his name was Edward Halls. She raised her head to meet Martin’s gaze in the doorway.    



Seductive Deception

Lies and Love Buried within Fiery Erotic Passion


~ Chapter 11 ~


Her perfect smile arose in his mind. Dean could not help but grin at the image of her lips curling into a fascinating expression of captivating fancy. He saw it in her eyes and it shown in her smile at him. Alluring curiosity buried beneath a wall of impressive pose. So careful not to bare her true thoughts. He let out a deep breath. I will show her I am not the same man she left. The man who spoke those awful words to her that night is not who I am now. I can be that man I should’ve been two years ago. Dean glanced at the clock ticking away precious time on the mantel. Half past seven. It will be a thirty minute ride from here after I see the Earl. God bless it when is he coming out!



Dean strode towards the hall just as the Earl’s study door opened. “My apologies Fallon.” He motioned to the man next to him. “My accountant and I always spend far too much time mulling over matters.”

“Quite alright, Vincent. I will only need a moment of your time. I have a favor to ask of you.” Dean replied.
The Earl saw the seriousness fall over Dean after he said it. “My time is all yours now my friend.” He patted Dean’s back and stepped aside to let Dean in his study. 
Kit couldn’t hold his gaze. Does he know?  The room suddenly began to shrivel in on her. She swallowed hard. Calm down and focus. Dean or Edward whatever his name is has left for the evening. The ladies clearly do not know it was me. Martin seems not himself but this may have nothing to do with me at all.
“Shall we eat Ladies?” She put forth her best cheerful voice and handed Mary her plate. Leaving now would only draw suspension. I will depart after diner and tell them I am tired and want to retire early.
“Are you alright, Lady Kit?” Margret asked.
Her gaze flew up. “Oh yes I am quite well thank you.”
“I fear we have shared too much with you about Lord Fallon. He has been through so much these past three years. We just all hope he will find happiness again.” Beatrice said as she poured Kit a glass of wine.
“No not in the least bit, miss Beatrice.” Kit sipped her red wine. “Like I said earlier I am fond of Lord Fallon.”
Margret giggled. “We have to confess we can clearly see he shares the same fondness,” She gazed to Mary, “Well perhaps more so but he is I think quite taken by you, Lady Kit.”
Kit smiled tenderly at them. “Well if you deem this to be true then do tell me more of Lord Fallon.” She couldn’t stop herself. He was the one man who she had fallen for and he crushed her that night. All the unanswered questions of why haunted her. Perhaps tonight she may figure out what made him turn so callous that night.
Martin stood outside the door. He noted the time to be a quarter to eight. The carriage was ready. He had personally packed her belongings. Now it was just a matter of time to see if Dean was going to be able to pull off his plan. Martin had his doubts and serious ones at that.
The Earl starred at Dean as if he had lost his mind. He sat back in his chair as Dean awaited his answer. “I will agree to your offer if you sweeten it with your white steed and to tell me why you want this.”
Dean shook his head. “I cannot bring myself to part with him but I will give you any two others you want.”
A loud bellow came from the Earl. “Fair enough Fallon. Two steeds it will be.” He leaned forward, “Now why is it you ask for this?”
Dean’s lips pinched together. Honestly Vincent, I will be more than willing to share it with you but I am running out of time.” Dean stood to his feet.
“Dean,” the Earl said before Fallon reached the door. “Are you in some kind of trouble?”
“I am not but someone I care for is,” Dean answered.
The Earl stood up from his chair. “I have an idea what you may do. Personal I have done far worse for love. If you need anything,” The Earl pointed towards him, “Anything, I am at your disposal day or night, Fallon.”
“I may take you up on that, Vincent.” Dean than smiled and left.
“I believe it was the Witherby sisters who jumped into his carriage that day and cornered him. The poor man was a wreck for the following week,” Mary said while laughing.
“Can you imagine?” Beatrice asked looking at Kit. “Being kidnaped and held captive by two loony women and their mother in the country.” She nudged Margret’s side. “He appeared as if nothing had happened storming up to his chambers and didn’t come out for four entire days.”
Kit shook her head. “Odd and unbelievable to be truthful.” She sipped the rest of her second glass of wine. She glanced over to the clock.
“Well it was after this that he took the name of his title and used his middle name as his first.” Margret said. “I still catch myself calling him Lord Halls at times. He also added his mother’s madden name too which made no sense to any of us.”
Kit coughed up her wine she had just sipped. “My word dear are you alright?” Mary asked as she patted Kit’s back.
“Yes I am fine. My apologies I must have swallowed my wine wrong.”
“Oh it went down the wrong shoot,” Beatrice burst out.
Kit placed the cloth napkin to her mouth. “Something like that.” After composing herself her asked, “When can we expect Lord Fallon to return?”
“Where did you say he was off too, Margret?” Mary asked.
Margret pointed to Beatrice and said, “I believe you had mentioned going to see someone about a debt of some kind.”
“I had overheard Martin talking to the stable boy about Lord Fallon needing a horse for his trip into town to see, “ Beatrice placed her hands to her temples, “Oh mercy I can’t recall who it was he planned on seeing. All I know is I heard he wasn’t happy about it, Martin wasn’t that is.”
“That certainly explains his mood this evening,” Mary stated. “Where is Martin anyway?”
“I spotted him fifteen minutes or so ago walking up and down the hall,” Kit said.
“Well why on earth is he doing that?” Margret asked. She looked to the rest of the ladies.
The hammering of his large white steed barreling down the country road echoed in the night. Dean had lost so much time at the Earl’s house he was in a mad dash to reach his next destination. An hour remained before Martin was to take Kit away.
I pray this nonsensical moronic ass is sober. Most likely he’s playing cards or chasing one of his poor young house staff around. If he is not home I will have to send word to Martin to go ahead with our plan until I can find him. Hopefully it won’t come to that.
The lights of the country cottage were still lit which gave Dean the slightest of hope he might be home. Dean dismounted his steed as a stable boy came running up. “Is the lord of the estate home?”
“Yes sir,” he answered.
“Good. I won’t be long. Give him water and then remain here with him until I return,” Dean commanded.
The ladies were now done with their second bottle of wine. Cackles of teasing fun emerged from the dining room. The conversation had taken a turn towards men in general.
“I have to say I am still in shock that first night you arrived and Lord Fallon stormed in your chambers,” Margret said. Kit laughed hard at the memory.
In a hushed voice Mary added, “And he didn’t even move his gaze from your eyes.”
“Yes I know!” Kit replied with equal disbelief. “Although I did observe the effects on my bold turn around below his waist.”
The room filled with giggles and much titter. “I’ve never seen a man strain so hard not to let his gaze fall,” Beatrice said.
“The old Lord Fallon would have ravished you right there in front of all of us,” Mary said.
“I know and agree, “Kit said.
“Well it would appear we have left you with a negative impression of him,” Margret said.
“All I know is I am aware of the Lord Fallon I met earlier this week. I think him to be charming and delightful,” kit said as she poured all the ladies more wine. “May I purpose a toast. “She gazed to each one. “I am grateful to have encountered all you wonderful ladies. Your charitable position towards a woman like me is far more than I deserve. Thank you each and every one of you for seeing beyond what is standing in front of you.” Kit raised her glass. “Here is to new companions and for hopes of long lasting friendships.”
Clanking of glasses sounded of the halls of the entry. Kit took her seat and then gazed at the clock again.
“Are you wishing for his return soon?” Mary whispered.
Kit looked down to her glass. “Yes I suppose so and am wondering what is keeping him. It is half past eight.
“Grant Boatman!” Beatrice shouted. “I knew I would remember.”
Kit’s glass fell to the floor as she jumped up. “What?” she cried. The room immediately grew silent. “Why? Why is he there?”
“My dear I do not know his reasons.” Mary looked to her sisters. “I can assure you all will be fine and he will return shortly.”
Kit shook her head. “No, no it won’t, Mary.”
Martin entered the room as he overheard the commotion.
“Why is he at Boatman’s, Martin,” Kit’s voice was smothered with worry.
“He is trying to help, Lady Kit. Trust him to do this for you,” Martin replied.
Dean was made to wait in yet another entry way for the second time. He was nervous and it was beginning to show. Something he couldn’t risk Boatman seeing. Nothing but firm bold action needed to be taken so Dean took a breath.
“Boatman!” His voice rumbled through the house like thunder over an empty field lined with thick forest. It was a rough striking lowness in pitch. Almost primal. Dean blustered forward down the hall repeating himself.
Grant Boatman’s study door opened and a half dressed maid appeared. Dean’s stance remained firm as the woman slinked passed him.
“I don’t know what all the shouting is about but you better-
“Shut it Boatman and sit down.” Dean slammed the door shut behind him. “I have just come into possession on your IOU’s from Earl Vincent.” Dean pulled the papers from his inside pocket.
“I do not know what you are referring to, Lord Fallon.” Grant’s forehead grew moist.
“Oh no?” Dean replied slamming the documents to the desk. “I have a proposition for you. I think it would be in your best interest to hear me out.”
Grant lean forward slightly to get a look at the papers. Dean leaned forwards as well and in a hushed low tone said, “They’re real and I own them.” Grant’s gaze met Dean’s glare.
He leaned back slowly. “Alright I’m listening.”
Dean slid the papers back towards him and stood tall. “It is my understanding the value of these debts are far more than you can pay at this time.”
“Yes for the time being,” he answered.
“I believe we have an acquaintance in common. She goes by the name of Kit.
Grant’s eyes grew wide. “If you are hiding her or know of her whereabouts that is treason! Punishable by imprisonment or worse.” Grant admonished.
Dean’s gaze on him grew vicious and he chuckled. “Yes I suppose it is like rape, theft, blackmail, embezzlement. Shall I go on?” Dean paused then added, “I didn’t even mention yet tax evasion.”
“That is preposterous!” Grant screeched. He held Dean’s gaze for a split second than let his head drop. “What is it you want from me?”
“I want you to withdraw your complaint against Lady Kit, tonight and in exchange I will forget these debts that I now own never existed.”
Grant’s eyes flew up to Dean’s. “That is ridiculous. No I won’t agree to it.”
Dean’s fists tightened. “I believe you are left with no other choice, Boatman.” His calm demeanor caught Grant’s attention.
“It was you that night wasn’t it? She’s gotten to you.” Grant started chuckling. “This is a joke. I will not let her go free. She will be apprehended and serve her time, here, in my house under my rule to pay back what she took from me.”
Before Dean knew it his hands were around Boatman’s neck squeezing. “You will do what I ask or I will call in the debt and you will lose everything or maybe I’ll just kill you right now and end all this!”
Dean loosened his grip and heard Boatman’s agreement sputter out. His body fell back into his chair and Dean opened the door calling for a witness. A few minutes later Dean was watching Boatman draft up a statement claiming the item taken was found and never missing therefore releasing Lady Kit of any further involvement.
Grant looked up to Dean as his pen hovered over the paper. “All debt with be erased?”
“Sign it Boatman,” Dean replied.
As Boatman’s pen made contact with the paper the door flew open. “They have her Sir!”
“What?” Boatman replied.
“The woman you have been after. She turned herself in,” the footman shouted.
Dean looked over to Boatman as he smiled back at Dean. He shot forward at Boatman and screamed sign it!




Seductive Deception 

Lies and Love Buried within Fiery Erotic Passion


~ Chapter 12 ~ 

Iron rusted shackles restrained her movements at the ankles and wrists. A moving wooden box pulled by horses took her away to an undisclosed location. Kit gazed out at the moon drenched night through bars like a caged animal.
Immoral lawless felons surround me now. I’ll be lucky if I survive the night. I couldn’t let him do that for me. There was no other choice but to surrender. All I can do now is pray I won’t hang for my crime or get murdered waiting to be hung. Kit raised her hand to her cheek to wipe away the tears that had begun to fall and her hand stopped short of her face. She let out a sigh.
She knew in her heart it was the only thing to do. The notion of Dean putting himself between her and the man she stole from was more than she could bear.
What a mess of things I make. Just one time can something ever go smoothly for me…one time? What was he thinking running off to blackmail Boatman? I couldn’t live with myself if he had been turned in or worse, shot possibly. None of that matters now I guess. I did the right thing. She glanced around to the two other people in the carriage with her. One captured for rape of an elderly woman and the other for murdering his brothers, all four of them.
There is no running from your past eventually it always catches up with you. If I somehow get out of this I swear I will never hustle men again. Kit chuckled a sad sound to herself. That is a big if.
Dean’s enraged furry was growing with every second that past. “Call for Earl Vincent.” He said starring at Boatman. “Now!” he roared. The scurry of footsteps told him he got his point across.
“Wait wait wait.” Grant said as his hands flew up. “Stop damn it!” He glanced to the footman in the doorway. “Give us a moment.” His eyes turned back to Dean who was now standing upward on the other side of the desk. “I will sign it on one condition.” Dean folded his arms and waited. “I demand you rip up those documents after I sign this fictitious declaration of shit.”
“I will complete your request only after she is safe and dispelled of all charges you set against her.” Dean replied in a calm tone. “And one more thing, I believe you still have in your possession something that belongs to her.”
Boatman’s eyes grew to slits. “It is settled than.” He picked up the pen again and dipped it in the ink well. Dean watched him sign it after he called in the witnesses to return to oversee.
“Where is she to be taken?” Dean asked the young footman.
The boy shrugged. “I am not sure, Sir. Word was she had walked up to an officer and announced her name and her crime. I was told the lady was lockup in a wagon and carried away with the others.”
“Others?” Dean repeated. His gaze moved to Boatman sitting behind the safety of his desk. “I will return for you if any harm is done to her.”
Kit noticed more houses and cottages set along the side of the road. We must be getting close. She glanced over to the long legged thin man across from her in the corner. He had been studding her since she entered the carriage. She glanced quickly at the roof from inside and mumbled. “I declare this will be the very last time.” Kit straightened her posture and slow turned to him with a soft smile. “Do you think we will be in here much longer?”
The man didn’t move. “Another ten minutes I gather.”
“All this bouncing is making my bottom sore.” She let out a long sigh. “What I wouldn’t give for a hot steamy bath right now.” She closed her eyes. “A moist bubbly cloth to drenched my skin with sounds so very appealing right now.” Kit slowly opened her eyes and gazed over to him. “Would you not agree?”
The man shifted slightly as he made a sound in agreement.
“Sultry tempered water caressing every inch of us…together.” The material of her dress was bunched up in the palms of her hands. The idea of seducing this man was making her stomach grow sour.
Eight minutes later the guards were forced to pull the carriage over. Kit’s cries for help pressed them to stop. The back doors flung open and Kit was tangled up into the man’s chains.
“Oh please help me,” she wailed.
The two guards thought it safer to undo her shackles rather than the man’s. Kit performance of terrified helpless woman worked. She was set outside the carriage and told to wait. Within a minute the guards had untangled what Kit had done and stepped down from the carriage.
“Hey, where did she go?” One guard asked the other.
“Martin,” Dean stormed through the front doors. He was waiting for him in the entry. “I need your help. Lady Kit has been transported to Brimstone three towns over.”
Martin followed him back out the door to the stables. As they readied Martin’s steed he stepped forward. “Sir she just stood up from the table and ran for the stables. Next thing I knew she was charging down the drive.” He turned from Dean and placed his hands on his hips. “I’m sorry I tried to stop-
“It is not your fault, Martin.” Dean patted him on the back. “Besides I was able to get what I needed. The plan worked.”
They rode for two hours that night only to discover upon arriving  that Lady Kit had escaped. Dean and Martin argued with the man in charged she was a free woman to begin with and should have never been taken into custody. After debating for over an hour Dean dropped his father’s name and the warrant was destroyed.
Standing in front of the horses Martin shook his head. “We’ll never find her, Sir.”
Dean mounted his steed and looked to Martin. “I refuse to believe that. I will find her.”
The Following Morning
Kit flagged down a carriage approaching. I pray no one is in here that is looking for me. She smiled at the woman peeping out from the window.
“Well hello there dear,” the woman said.
“Good day my Lady,” Kit replied.
“Can I offer you a ride?”
“I was hoping as much,” Kit answered.
The footman opened the door and helped Kit inside. She took a seat across from the cheerful plum woman. “I cannot express my gratitude for stopping.”
“Oh dear it is no trouble.” The woman than giggled. “A handsome woman such as you should not be walking along the side of the road.”
Kit smiled at her thoughtfulness. “I am indebted to your kindness.”
“What is your name dear?”
Kit’s hand gracefully moved to her chest. “Do forgive me. My name is Kitra Albury.”
“It is a pleasure to meet you Lady Albury. I am Lady Beth Manning.” She glanced over Kit’s attire. She suddenly realized she looked a mess. “Are you seeking employment currently?”
“I am not. My grandmother has just passed away and I am traveling back home to comfort my family.”
“I see. Where are you employed if you don’t mind me asking?”
“Oh not at all, Lady Manning. I am currently employed for Lord Fallon.”
“Yes I know the lad. Honorable fellow he is. Always so gracious and kind to all.” Lady Manning opened her fan and cooled her red checks. “Pity he has not yet taken a wife. Such a devilishly handsome young man. Very pleasing on the eye if you know what I mean.” She winked at Kit.
Kit felt her checks grow warm. Get a hold of yourself. You never blush over or for any man.
“Well it was generous for him to give you the time off to be with your loved ones at the tragic time. I’ll be sure to drop him a note and express how delightful you are.”
Kit’s pulse quickened. “I do not believe that is necessary Lady Manning. Please hinder yourself from the trouble over me.”
Lady Manning laughed loudly. “Nonsense dear, it is but a note. No trouble at all.”  After a moment she asked, “Where is your family dear?”
“In a small town not more than a day’s ride from here.” Less information the better. She is a chatty little old thing.
“I will have my driver take you where you need to go”
“I could not possible accept your thoughtful notion as to deprive yourself without a carriage and driver for me, Lady Manning.”
“Oh gibberish dear. I have many carriages and drivers! It is of no nuisance to me. Besides I honestly will wonder if you made it to your family safely if you do not allow me to do this for you.” She leaned forward and patted Kit’s knee. “Give an old lady her peace of mind.” She giggled at Kit’s smile.
Thirty minutes later the carriage pulled up to a huge estate and Lady Manning said her farewells to Kit. As the carriage pulled down the drive she let her head rest against the window. Where am I going? I’m so tired of running. Well I have about a day’s time to come up with a place. It should be far enough away from everything…everyone…from Dean. Even the thought of his name caused her heart to ache a little. This is the right thing to do. I would only bring him and his house more disorder.
Her eyes grew heavy and she felt them slip shut. The warmth from the sun aided her sleepy eyes.
Dean entered the house with a depth of defeat in his posture as a deep loss shadowed his eyes.
“This arrived for you, Sir.” He held up an envelope between his long index and middle fingers. “It is from Lady Manning,” said Martin as Dean past by him.
“Just place it with my other notes.” He made no eye contact with anyone. There was a bottle in his study that needed company and he had every intention on acting as a best friend to it for the remainder of the evening.
“I’m setting out to draw a bath,” Mary announced.
“Yes and I will ready his clothes,” Margret added. Both ladies made their way up the stairs in silence.
“I did not care for the look in his eyes, Martin.” Beatrice reached for his forearm. “I can’t bear the thought of going through this again.”
He patted her hand. “Hold back your fret, Beatrice.” He was still gazing down the hall. “I have a watchful eye on him.”
Dean slouched down on his brown leather sofa. After searching all night and half the next day for Kit she was nowhere to be found. The reality that perhaps she didn’t want to be found and never wanted his help began to creep around in his head.  For right now in this moment there was a bottle of scotch in one hand and a glass in the other. A fire was already a blaze in the fireplace and Dean stared into it. He finally glanced down at the bottle in his hand.
Toss it into the fire. You are being stupid. Is she worth slipping back to what you were a year ago? I’ve worked too damn hard to be the better man.
Dean’s gaze darted over to the flames jumping about across from him. He opened the cap to the scotch. His lip quivered at the memory of what this bottle managed to block out.
Hello old friend. It’s been about a year since we spent any time together. He poured the glass half full, paused, and then filled it to the rim. To hell with it. Dean swigged it down as fast as he poured it. To hell with her. Tonight we drink her away like she ran away…again.
Two hours later Martin knocked softly on the study door. The lack of response plagued his worry for what he didn’t care to see on the other side of the door.
“Damn it Fallon.” He muttered from doorway outside the dark room. Martin walked forward. A loud clank rattled throughout the room. “Empty I see. Wonderful, if I slip in the contents of your consumption of it I’m rolling your limp body off the sofa and dropping you in it.” He struck a match and lit a small stub of a candle.
“Well the room appears to be intact.” The light found Dean in a most awkward position half way over the arm of the sofa. “Can’t say as much for you, Fallon.” Martin covered him up after rearranging his body to a more natural position. He bent over to pick up the glass at his feet and stopped. “No not this time.” He gazed over to Dean. “You can stare the evidence in the face tomorrow and clean up your own mess.” Martin blew out the candle.
Dean opened one eye. Does it have to be so bright?  He lifted his arm to block the blinding light coming in. “Ouch,” he muttered. Who ran me over with a log?” An attempt to push himself up failed. Every muscle was weak and shaking.
Dean wiped his mouth while gazed down at a large puddle of drool sunk into the tufted button of the sofa. A sparkle of light behind the leg of a club chair caught his eye. He rubbed his face.
“I’ve got to get up.” He pushed his body to a seated position. A wicked sour acidic reminder crept up his throat. Oh no. Stay down.
Between the over kill of light and the noise coming from the other side of the door, Dean wanted nothing more but to lay back down. Slowly he rose to his feet. Moving them was the problem. Dean’s face made contact with the back of a club chair, which sent a side table flying into the fireplace. He had managed to grab a vase on the way down, only of course to have it slip from his grip and crash on the dark wood floors.
“Ah bloody hell,” he moaned. His hand was bleeding and he was sure his eye was swelling shut. Dean gazed up to see a tearful Beatrice filling the doorway. Martin stepped in front of her. His eyes narrowed before he shut the door to the sight of Dean.
He pushed his body up to a sitting position. His line of sight landed on the empty best friend from the night before.
Kit had the driver drop her off that night in a town by the coastline. A bustling seaside town is the perfect place to find one’s self lost in.
She had pawned the last remaining item she carried from her past, promising herself and the owner she would return to buy it back. It was enough money to get her by for a month. She walked to the next town over about a two miles hike from where she stood in front of the store. Kit entered the very last Inn along the strip.
The sound of children playing below her room in the street awoke her. She did not mind it was a joyful sound to rise to.
Time to wash up and figure out where I’m moving onto. Her eye caught the deep olive green garment hanging on the back of the door. “I’m removing all that dreadful lace.” Kit walked over and sniffed it. “Oh ewe!” Her nose crinkled.
Four hours later she was dressed in the freshly laundered hideous attire draping her body. I must find a secondhand store. This color belongs only in soup. She made her way to the door and out into the hall.
“Kitra Albury. It that really you?” a woman asked.

Seductive Deception 

Lies and Love Buried within Fiery Erotic Passion 

~ Chapter 13 ~ 

Kit slowly raised her head. Hailey?  She turned towards her and then reached for out for her. All Kit needed was contact with her for the tears to begin to fall.

“Kitra Albury, where have you been?” She pulled Kit back away from her body and gazed at her. “You left without so much as a good bye that night. I can’t tell you how many mornings I wake with fret of your safety.” She pulled her back to her body close and hugged her as hard as she could.

“Please forgive me, Hailey. After my parents left I was hounded by all the collectors. I did not know what else to do but run.”

“None of that matters now. You are home.” Hailey released her with a wide teary eyed smile. “I cannot wait to tell Henry you have returned, but for now let’s have some tea and you can fill me in on what your best friend has been missing for the last six years.”

Kit bit up her bottom lip with a smirk. “Hennery?”

Hailey laughed. “Short of riding up on a grand white horse and claiming me as his, he has been my perfect prince.”

Kit squeezed her hand. “I am so happy for you both.”
Dean managed to bathe and dress not before losing the innards of his stomach, twice. He threw open the front doors and stepped outside. With his hand shielding his eyes from the sun he gazed out over the scape. Thank god the clouds are rolling in. at this point I would rather roam around in the rain.

The stable boy gave him a nod as Dean entered. “Good day to you, Lord Fallon.”

Why the hell is he so overly chipper? He sneered as he turned from the boy. His body used the solid frame of the doorway to aid him in standing. The day was moving slow and his head was screaming at him with pain. Damn whisky.  Dean’s gazed dropped to the dry dirt he stood on. I should just let her go. A woman that doesn’t want to be found is a woman who is never found. Her smile flashed in his mind. The way she whimpered his name sounded over and over in his head. To hell with it!

“Is my steed –?

“Have him right here, Sir.” The stable boy said as Dean turned to him. Stepping towards him he handed Dean the reins. “If I may say Sir, Lord Fallon, we all are pulling for you to find her…Lady Kit that is. Anyone can see she does something to you as pretty as she is. Although I think she happens to be a unique woman.”

Dean’s heart leaped at the mention of her name coming at him in solid words. “Thank you,” Is all Dean muttered to the boy as he mounted his steed.

“I gave him a good brushing this morning, Sir. He was turning tan from all the dust.” He ran his hand over the steed’s neck and gave him a gentle pat. “Good boy aren’t ya, Ashen?”

“When was the last time you took a holiday to see your family? Dean asked.

His eyes widened. “Ah never, Sir”

“Well you can take one now. A Full two weeks wages for a week off from service. How does that sound?” Dean said.

“I…I think that is wonderful. Thank you Lord Fallon!” The boy shouted.

Dean galloped down the drive to find his fate. Whatever that may be he was ready to face it. Being able to handle what he might not be able to find was the question. Today is the day I will find her. I will not fail.

“So you will stay?” Hailey asked with pleading eyes. “You can remain here free of charge.”

“I cannot accept that offer, Hailey.”

“You can work here in exchange for a very small tiny fee for the room,” Hailey countered her objection.

Kit smiled and shook her head. “Alright.”

Hailey could not help herself. She reached over the table and embraced Kit. “I am so happy you have come back. All these years I felt as though a piece of me was missing.” She sat back down and poured them more tea. “So, are you going to tell me what is really going on with you or will I have to keep guessing?”

Kit shifted in her chair. “There is not much to tell.”

“Is that so?” Hailey waited a moment. “Then why is it you can’t bring yourself to look at me when you say it?”

Kit’s gaze met Hailey’s finally. She let out a loud sigh. “His name is Edward Dean Halls Fallon.” And so Kit began the long story of the past week. She had Hailey’s attention held for two hours.

“Kitra, I am bewildered as to why you left. I understand you did not care to cause more hindrances onto him and his household but.” Hailey reached out for her hand. Holding it tight she said, “You are foolish.”

Kit squeezed her friend’s hand. “I panicked, Hailey. I mean this is the same man who seduced me and then when,” Kit glanced around and whispered, “Began to tell me I was almost doable when I undressed in front of him. He criticized my entire body.”

“Kitra you said yourself he is not that man you met back then. Do you remember how Henry was?”

Her eyes shifted to the window. The raindrops pelted the windowpane. “Is it possible to fall in love with someone in less than a week?”

“Yes,” Hailey stated. “Love knows nothing of time.”

Martin stood still waiting for Dean’s arrival in the picture window. He prayed Dean would find some clue of Kit’s whereabouts.

“Any sign of him yet?” Mary asked as she joined him at the window. Martin said nothing. “Perhaps I could make you a pot of tea.” Mary grasped his arm for a moment. “I will return shortly, Martin.”

He waited until Dean returned as he did every night for the next two weeks. The despair Dean held in his eyes was almost unbearable to look into as he walked through the front doors every night.

“Sir, another invitation and a few notes arrived for you yesterday while you were out,” Martin said as he held them up.

Dean motioned to the rather large pile on his desk in front of him. “Just toss them there or anywhere you please.”

Martin had noted the time and realized Dean would have already been gone and searching for her by this hour. “Coffee, Sir?”

Dean nodded in agreement as he gazed out the window. Blasted rain. A thunderous boom shook the estate. Dean rolled his eyes at the idea of having to go out in it for the fifth day in a row. Half the roads are flooded not to mention bridges washed away. Can I not just find one hint or sign of where she might be?  He gazed up to the ceiling. “Please,” he muttered.

Dean waited as if the answer was going to be spoken aloud. Another clash of thunder echoed throughout the house. His fists clenched. “To hell with it!” He shouted as he whipped the items from his desk. “To hell with her and,” He threw his arm up and pointed to the ceiling, “To hell with you!” He kicked over his chair and grabbed a stone sculpture from his bookcase. Before Dean could stop himself it was flying through the air and smashing through the window.

“Damn it!” He screamed as loud as he could. His body collapsed to the floor on his knees. The heart ache he had been pressing back began to surface and he didn’t want to feel it or anything else anymore. I can’t do this any longer. He ran both his hands up into his hair and clamped his hands tight. “Why?” His voice trailed across the threshold of the door and down the empty halls of his home.

His body began to rock as if a child would in fear. The contemplation of never setting eyes on her again was slowly killing him.

Dean opened his eyes and gazed down before him. Lady Manning. Her note from that day lay perfectly square at his knees. He touched the envelop and took it up in his hands.

Mary rushed past Martin and he took hold of her. “He needs to do this, Mary. The boy will be fine. I promise.”

“Please let me go. I just want to check in on him,” Mary pleaded. At this moment they both heard Dean’s screams for Martin. Both glance down the hall to see Dean running towards them.

“Lady Manning gave her a ride somewhere.” Dean said.

“But where?” Mary asked.

“That it does not say I will have to pay her a visit,” Dean replied. He gazed to Martin and before the request could come out Dean’s mouth, Martin was striding to the door.

“Well are you coming, Sir?” Dean smiled as he walked to him.

Mary watched the men race down the drive in the drizzle of rain. “Thank goodness. He may find her yet.”

Kit aided Hailey in clearing the tables after lunch. The inn was nearly empty. All the rain had stop travelers from moving through.

“Auntie Kitra will you play with me?”

Kit turned to see little Nelly in her best dress covered in lace and bows. Her tiny sweet hands held a tea cup. She kneed down to Nelly’s level. “I am cleaning up right now but will in a few minutes. Would you like to set up your tea set here?” She pointed to the table next to her.

The pure precious smile coming from her made Kit’s heart skip. After getting Nelly’s things set up she made some tea for them and joined her at the table.

“Kitra you do not have to do tea party with her again today.” Hailey said as she looked to Nelly.

Kit watched her tiny nose scrunch up as she started to giggle. “There is nothing I love more than receiving an invite from,” Kit leaned towards Nelly over the table, “Lady Nelly.” This produced the sweetest of giggles Kit had ever heard which cause her to laugh. Hailey kissed the top of Kit’s head with thanks and then left the two to their party.

Little Nelly started spooning sugar into Kit’s tea cup with her miniature spoon. “Do you have a prince, Auntie Kitra?”

Dean’s face flashed in her mind. “No I wish I did.”

“Momma calls my papa her prince but I don’t think he looks so much like one.” Her tiny voice said.

Kit laughed at her honesty. “Oh no. What do you think a prince should look like?”

Nelly tilted her head and said, “Um maybe tall with black hair. Super big blue eyes and dashing.” Her hand waved in the hair as if she were royalty.

“Dashing you say?”

“Yes and he has a strong white horse he rides on.” Nelly added.

A sudden lump formed in Kit’s throat and worse yet a pain shot amidst her heart. Do not cry in front of her.  She fluttered back the burn of tears. If she was honest it was not so much the tears that burned, it was the pain.

An hour past and Nelly was down for her nap and fast asleep. Kit lay with her on the bed watching droplets of rain trail down the window. “A prince,” She whispered to the thought of Nelly’s description. I am foolish. Running away from what I can’t face. I’ve never felt so safe in a man’s arms before.  Kit chuckled to herself. I’ve never wanted to be in a man’s arms before him…Dean.  Kit sat up slowly. Could he love me? Why would he love me? I am cold and distant with my feelings. What man would desire a woman like me? No. Just stop this. If he did love me he would have sought me out by now.
Dean and Martin had gotten the information they needed and were nearly to the town the driver said he had dropped her off in. The rain had not let up for one minute. The steady drizzle was now turning into larger droplets. Dean looked over to Martin as they entered the small seaside town.

“I think we should start at the Inn’s along the main stripe,” Dean said.

“Agreed I will take the right side and you take the left. We’ll meet at this cafe right here afterwards.”

Dean nodded and dismounted his steed. An hour and a half had passed when Martin saw Dean standing in the doorway of the cafe. Martin’s lips formed a line as he gazed at him.

Dean walked over and slouched down in a chair. “I’ve booked us two rooms at the Fairmont Inn. Riding back in the weather is not an option.” He fell silent after that.

Martin said nothing further and allowed Dean his peace. The quivering of Dean’s hands caught his eye and he knew it was not from the chill that plagued both of them. The bright glimmer in his eyes faded the day she had left. The man sitting before Martin was a stone carcass filled with agony.

“Is it possible she has family here she might be staying with?” Martin asked.

Dean shook his head. “I honestly am not sure. She at one point had mentioned a town called Kirkland.” His eye was caught by a passing carriage. His eyes followed it until it passed and as it did something drew him to a store front window.

As Martin was inquiring about the town Kit had mentioned Dean stood from his chair. “Pardon me a moment.”

Martin watched him enter the store across the street. Dean appeared in the window and took a scarf or shawl of some kind off a display. He emerged with the material crumbled up in his hand striding towards the café. Martin met him outside.

“She was here. This belongs to her. She had passed through a few weeks ago but had promised the store owner she would return for it soon.” Dean’s heart was racing.

“She can’t be far. The woman in the café said that Fairmont is but tow mile south of here.”

Dean mounted his horse and took off at top speed. Martin trail behind him as best he could.

Image after image rambled around inside his head. Her laugh, smile, the glow of her eyes. Dean could not contain his hope. Whispers of her voice shadowed his thoughts. Kit you have to be here…you have to.

His steed rushed into the small village. Not a soul in sight among the streets. Martin rode up next to him. “Same plan as before?”

Dean steadied his horse as a clap of thunder sounded from above. The ground shook under his hooves. “I’ll take the right side,” Dean said.

The last Inn on the strip was his last hope. Dean entered the quint establishment and approached the front desk.

“Not the best of weather to be traveling in,” A woman said with a smile.

“No I would say not,” Dean replied.

“Welcome to the Kirkland Inn. My name is Hailey. Will you be dining with us or are you inquiring a room?”

Dean gazed around then looked to her. “I am actually looking for someone. Um, she is blond and goes by the name Kit or Kitty.”

Hailey slowly shook her head. “I am sorry but we have no one here by that name. Is she traveling alone?”

“Yes I believe she would be,” Dean answered.

The despair in the man’s eyes was heart wrenching. Hailey was not sure what to tell him. “Perhaps she is at one of the other inns along the main road.”

Dean knew the answer as he had just spoke with Martin. “No she is not.” Dean’s head fell forward.

“Have you been looking for her long?” Hailey asked in a quiet voice.

“Honestly all my life.” He chuckled out loud. “I lost her about two weeks ago and have been searching for her every day since.”

“I’m so sorry. I wish I could tell you she was here.” Hailey’s gazed was growing teary.

Dean thanked her then stepped outside. He strolled down the middle of the rode unsure of what to do with himself. He made in about a hundred steps away from the Inn. Rain dripped off his hair. Cold water soaked his clothing straight through to his bones.

No, this cannot happen. It can’t end like this. A deep excruciating bellow materialized from within him. “Kit.” His uncontrollable cries filled the vacant street. His repeated screams for the woman he lost resonated within the space around him and beyond.

People began to peer out their windows at the blood curtailing howls of heartache coming from Dean.

Hailey heard the commotion and gazed out the window at him down the road. “Dear lord,” she whispered.

Kit dozed off long ago with little Nelly in her arms. Hailey burst through the door and shook Kit awake. “You have to come see this.”

Kit wiped her eyes. “What?”

“I can’t explain it you have to see for yourself. As Kit crossed the dining room she heard it. She gazed back to Hailey. “What is going on? Who is that?” And then she heard him clear as day. Her hand flew to her lips. The thud of her heart drowned out Hailey’s voice. Kit walked over to the door and pulled it open.

“Don’t go out there, Kitra,” Hailey shouted.

Kit stepped off the curb into the road. She saw him. Standing in the rain screaming her name. He was walking away from her down the street. Kit opened her mouth but nothing came out.

Hailey watched from the window at her best friend and it dawned on her, it was him.

Oh Fallon please stop screaming. I’m here…right here. The pain coming out of him was rendering her speechless. “Here,” she yelled out to him but her words were drowned out by his hollering of her name.

Dean paused from walking. His body stilled. He felt her. As he took in a deep breath he heard her voice. His body turned and there she stood. He couldn’t move. At last he had found her.

Kit shouted, “I’m here.” Her voice quivered. She began to walk towards him.

Dean watched her walk turn into a sprint. He stumbled forward and reached out for her. His stride was rushed until then finally they collided into one another’s arms. Dean wrapped himself around her and squeezed her tight.

“I’m here,” She cried into his chest.

“I’m not letting you go,” Dean said into her hair then kissing the top of her head. Kit lifted her face up to meet his. Rain poured down her face as she fluttered her eyes up at him. Bright emerald gaze took his breath away. He saw it. Everything she had never been able to say to him gleamed in her gaze.

He took her face in his hands. Kit’s lips parted and she whispered, “I love you.” He felt her body tremble within his hands.

“You are my happiness, Kit. I refuse to spend another day not gazing upon you.” He leaned in closer to her. Kit moved her hands to his forearms and slid then up covering his hands.

“Be my wife, Kit. Take my hand and marry me.” Her face crumbled within his hands as the all the loss, love, and happiness came flooding forth.

Dean without another word kissed her. A deep soft kiss expressing everything for her in his heart.


Seductive Deception 

Lies and Love Buried within Fiery Erotic Passion


~ Epilogue ~

Hailey found herself standing in the entrance of her Inn. She gazed upon her friend in the arms of the man who had just screamed to the heavens for his lost love. Kit heard his cries and ran to him. It the middle of street they stood wet, shivering, and in love. Tears streamed down her face as she watched Kit and Dean in a mad passionate embrace so oblivious to the rain falling upon them.

Kit was lost in the moment. She was in the safest place she’d ever felt, in his arms. “I don’t want this feeling to end…ever.” He took up her hand in his and she watched him place a kiss on her. “I have always run away from everything in my life. You were the one thing I’ve always desired to return to but couldn’t.” With her hand still in his she brought it up to her cheek and closed her eyes. “My heart will be forever yours.”

Dean pulled her to him closer and whispered next to her ear, “You have had my heart since the moment I set eyes upon you.” Kit bit up her bottom lip and then smiled at him.

They walked back to the Inn in each other’s arms. As they entered Hailey handed Dean a key. “It has a fireplace and a soaking tub.” Fighting back her tears at this point was mute. “Oh on with ya now,” She waved her hand at them both. “You’ll find it at the end of the hall on the third floor.”

Once in the room Dean went to work starting a fire. Kit sat on the end of the bed watching him. How could I have been so foolish? He is more than any woman can dream up and he loves me. He came for me. His cries only moments earlier inched up in her memory. Seeing him scream my name was not what has me in awe. It was the way it came out of him. Desperate frantic hurt. His body shook with it. She rose from the bed.

 Dean felt her hands slid up his back and rest on his shoulders. The tender caress of her made him catch his breath. Reaching for her he felt damp cold skin. He stood and turned to her. Taking her hand in his he reached for her other hand. “You are freezing.” Bring them up to his mouth he exhaled hot breath onto them.

Kit shivered from the sudden warm sensation. Normally she would have giggled softly but his gaze captured her.

Dean saw Kit and everything she tried to hide from him in her eyes. No walls this time. A vulnerable trust bared her love for him as she stared back.

Without warning she grew uneasy. He could feel it in her embrace. Oh no, you are not shutting down on me now. Her eyes dropped to his lips. “Kit,” he said softly. Her gaze ascended to meet his. “I love you,” he said.

Her eyes fell to his chest. “I…I-

“I love you.” He repeated. Placing a hand on her chin he titled her to face him again. “I will tell you those three simple words every minute of every day for the rest of my life until you feel them.”

Kit leaned up to him on her tiptoes and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Thank you,” she said as tears peak in the corners of her eyes. “I feel like this is all a dream and fear I may awaken at any moment.”

Dean chuckled at her. “You will awaken but you will still be in my arms.”

With her arms still wrapped around his next she said, “Kiss me Lord Fallon.”

His head fell back and he looked up to the ceiling. “It’s…Dean.”

Kit giggled loudly. She couldn’t help it. “But I prefer Lord Fallon.”

Dean pinched his lips together and finally said. “You may only call me that if you are wearing that maid uniform.” He spotted the playful flash in her eyes. “Awe I see that’s a yes than. I can borrow Martin’s uniform and we can play naughty servants.”

Her laugh filled the room. As he held her in his arms in front of the fire blazing behind them he watched her free spirited glow shine. “I had no clue what love was until I lost you and now that I hold you I will never let that go.”

“You won’t have to, Dean.”

Hearing her say his name ignited a primal feeling from deep within. “Say it again. My name, say it.”

Kit gazed at the hungry glare he was staring at her with. She licked her lips and the word trickled slowly from her. “Dean.” Next thing she knew she was on the bed on her back. His body nestled between her legs.

His mouth hoovered just mere inches from her’s and she said his name again, “Dean.” But this time it came out in a rushed breath. A needy wanton rushed plead to him.

She was his to have. Willing and ready and he was going to claim her as his. Dean slid his arm under her leg and pulled it up. He pressed himself closer to her and kissed her hard. Her arms enclosed around him with an embrace of sheer desire. Craving nothing more than for him to take her.

The dress that was on her moments ago fell to the floor followed only by his clothing. Dean trailed his lips down her neck as Kit turned her head for him.

Scraping nail on his skin pulled downward from his shoulders. “Hurry,” she pleaded.

It was not playing out the way he had planned. He had every intention of a slow sweet love making evening. He couldn’t say no to her. He lifted her up further onto the bed and positioned himself at her entrance.

Before he could move Kit pulled him into her. His hands gripped at her skin from the sudden sensation of her wet warmth.  He pushed further and then yet further until he reached deep inside her.

A gasp escaped her and he held her tight against him. He waited a second for her to relax around him. She is too tight. This has to be hurting her. Damn it! He felt her knees draw up and open more for him.

Dean gazed down to her. “Deeper,” she said to him. Lustful eyes peered up at him. He pushed until he could go no more. “Oh Dean,” she cried out.

He began to move in and out of her as he watched her every expression. She buried her head under his chin to his neck and with every thrust her cries of pleasure grew louder.

Dean felt her pulsating release on him. The tight grip nearly caused him to release as well. As she quieted down Dean pulled out of her and turned to his back with her in his arms.

Kit sat on top of him. Taking him in her hand she stroked his length in a teasing playful way. “You want to feel me slid down on you, don’t you?”

Dean sat up and kissed her hard. His fingers ran up through the back of her hair and he squeezed. “It’s not a want. It’s a need, Kitty.” He said through their kiss. He felt her smile slightly.

Kit glided her body down on his cock. The warmth of his mouth covered her nipple. He hadn’t released his grip on her hair and she liked it. Deeper Dean. I want you so deep in me.

Slow steady slides up and down on him increased in intensity as Dean pulled her down faster. Kit gripped his shoulders and pushed hard.

Dean pulled her hair in his hands tipping her head to face him. Their eyes lock and he gazed at her. Panting breathes met in a heated passionate moment for both of them. “I want to remember this moment forever. I love you,” he managed to get out.

Kit’s eyes closed as she felt him harden inside her. His deep penetrating length caused her to cum again. “Dean oh Dean, I love you too.” She cried out as a sharp pinch from him spill himself into her gripped her and she released on him hard and long.

Dean fell back and took her down with him to the pillow. Neither of them moved. No words were spoken. They just lay in one another’s arms. Kits body still straddling his as Dean softly caressed Kit’s back.

Ah hour had passed by. Is she snoring?  Dean tried to shift slightly to see her face. He could swear she was drooling on him too. He chuckle softly to himself. Snoring and drooling and it’s cute because it’s her.

He shifted her body off to the side of him. Running his finger around her face he pushed away a few locks that had fallen across her cheek. “You are so perfectly amazing.” Dean drifted off finally. Not wanting to close his eyes he could not stay awake no longer and sleep over took him.

A warm glow drenched Kit’s body as the sun peeked in through the window. Dean’s head rest between the pillow and her shoulder. She slipped out of the bed and quietly dressed.

Reaching the ground floor not far from the kitchen she heard a voice call out to her. “Auntie Kitra will you play with me?”

“Good morning, Nelly.” Her sweet rosy cheeks plumed up at her. Kit loved her smile. “Perhaps later. Right now I have to make breakfast.”

“And Good morning to you, Kitra.” Hailey said as she came up behind her.

Kit whipped around and hugged her. “Thank you for everything.”

“It was my pleasure and I hope yours last night,” She gave Kit a wink.

“You are so bad!” Kit said with a giggle.

A loud commotion on the stairs drew their attention. Dean came dashing around the corner and stopped dead in front of them. Kit’s amused expression calmed him. “Ah, good morning ladies.”

“Good morning to you, I think.” Hailey said as she turned from him and gazed at Kit.

Kit’s lips pinched together. “Are you alright?” she asked quietly.

Dean ran his hand through his hair. After a moment he motioned towards the door and said, “I thought you might have,” He looked to her, “You know…left.”

Kit bit up her bottom lips and ever so slightly inched closer to him. She whispered, “Not a chance. I’m all your now, Lord Fallon.”

Dean closed his eyes for a moment. He then gazed down to her and said, “You will be wearing that costume soon if you keep this up.”

“I hope so,” Kit replied with a naughty devilish look in her eyes.

“Who is this, Auntie Kitra?” Nelly asked as she pulled on Kit’s dress.

“This is Lord Fallon.”

Nelly curtsied to him and Dean chuckled as he bowed to her. “I saw you out the window yesterday.” She looked up to Kit. “I was supposed to be napping but he was yelling really loud.”

“My apologies,” Dean said as he gazed to Kit with a smile.

Nelly saw his sparkling blue eyes. “Do you have a white horse, Mr. Falling?

Dean was trying so hard not to laugh. “You can call me Dean and I do and his name is Ashen.”

Nelly gazed to Kit and whispered loudly. “I think he is a prince for you.”

Kit’s eyes grew misty and she looked to Dean who was gazing at her with such love. “I believe you are right, Nelly.”

Nelly placed her tiny hand in Dean’s and asked, “Will you play tea party with me? Come on it’s over here.” She pulled him towards the table by the window.

To his surprise Martin was already having tea out of a tiny cup talking with Henry, Hailey’s husband. They all sat and had Nelly’s tea and cookies for hours.
Nine months later Kit gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She was given Dean’s little sister’s middle name, Penelope. Four years after that she gave birth to a boy. She insisted he have Dean’s name.

Kit gazed over to her family. Dean was sitting on the floor with Penelope putting ribbons in his hair while he held their son in his arms. Thank goodness for princes.  Dean gazed up to her and winked. Oh dear lord I left the maid costume on the floor next to the bed last night!


The Happy Ever After End

Cary J. Davis

Pages of Romance Publishing 


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