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Whispers of Desire Saga

Book 1 Surrendering  ~ is the first book in the series of three. Click on the link and you will be able to read all the chapters posted so far or click HERE and link to a free ebook of Surrendering. This eBook is available for a Limited Time Only.

Book 2 The Temptation of a Kiss  ~ is the second book in the series. Landon Fields is charming, witty, well respected within the ton and sensible...sensible that is until he met the fiery redhead, Brook O'Brien.

   A daughter of a blacksmith, Brook is practical, beautiful, smart, and sassy. The Irish inside her is always on the tip of her tongue.

   Left by the man she was engaged to and never loved by, Brook never dared to dream she would find fancy in another man. A man of high ranking, a man who shares the same interests, a man whom she cannot resist. One small gentle soft kiss was all it took. A fancy for Landon Fields soon turns to fantasy. Allowing herself to dream of being with a real man who desired her just as much, was now all Brook could think about.

   Landon is dead set on discovering what it is about Brook that has him wanting more of her. Beautiful yes, intellectual yes, equal with wit yes, within his rank in society...no. He is drawn to her and cannot stop himself from thinking of her. But how far will he go to discover what it is about Brook that drives him to seek her?

   One night of passion, pleasure, and desire is all she can hope for. Knowing she is now ruined with no respectable man to want her, this maybe her only chance to experience the intimate delicacies shared between a man and a woman. One night she tells herself.

   When Landon finally realizes Brook has left and is not coming back after their week together, the only question he can ask is why. The answer that escapes past Sarah's lips stuns and shocks him as well as everyone else.


Coming Soon Here Online Spring 2014.


Coming Here Online Winter 2013

~Sinful Seductions of the Season a collection of short stories in a full length novel.

~Untouched short story

Coming Here Online Spring 2014

~Book 3 from the Whispers of Desire Saga ~ Passionate Whispers In The Night preview click here

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