Custom Covers for Your Novel

 Professional looking covers at a very affordable price. I have been searching the net for a designer for my novel covers. Every site I clicked on had either cheap prices with equally cheap looking cover designs or hand painted cover worth the couple thousand dollars they would charge.

I owned a company and specialized in hand painted mural and faux finishes. Problem...I cannot paint people. I could make your kitchen look as if your plaster was falling off the wall and "Hey you have ivy coming in through the cracks in the walls," but I can whip out a realistic looking background to set the people in and that would be as far as it would go. I felt hopeless. I was being forced to consider a cover with only fancy lettering.

"I found it!" Fantasia Frog Designs. They are professional and the work is well worth mentioning. Their creations do not look photoshoped. They are seamless and for a romance novel, soft and stunning. She offers many premade covers for sale or she will customize one for you. The base price 45 premade and 60 for custom cover designs! Yes you read it right.

If you are searching for someone to design your book cover this is it. Sci-fi, paranormal, western romance, historical romance, contemporary romance, thrillers, as well as any others.

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